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  • Soo.... My Android phone got yet annother firmware update which seems to have resulted in the encryption pairing being broken --> set up router from scratch!?!?!!!??? I was kind of almost ok with one phone being/carrying the key but now it seems I need to redo the stuff also in between. Very disappointed. 
  • The Static IP work around is in use since months but it is a bad solution. Thanks for the Gues IP update! I had not noticed it! Henrik
  • I really want to see static IP, guest wifi and stability of performance without need for reboot.
  • F-Secure Please, implement the fixed IP table into the DHCP server. 2017 is gone since 7 weeks so I hope this feature is already really close to the top of the backlog. Henrik
  • Connection has remained stable and reliable for a two months now. Thank you!
  • I assume you have plentty of space around the WiFi channel used? Sense seems sensitive to WiFi activity nearby.
  • Ok, now I have had a chance to test thing again. The internet connection works atleast right now. What has changed? - I changed the wifi channel to one as far as possible from others and the SENSE got an update. I do not know which action helped. I have reconnected SENSE to the load balancing router and the connection has…
  • Good idea. I will try that too during the weekend.
  • This is how I tested but I have not tested with the SENSE ESW update fro the day before yeasterday: Connect work PC to SENSE wifi => Connected to SENSE, no internet connection while at the same time other clients do get internet connection using SENSE wifi. Connect work PC to annother wifi on the WAN side of SENSE => the…
  • Thank you for the update and ideas. I have never seen the internet breakup signal (--||--) on the SENSE display. My work PC uses Pulse Secure VPN. Switching it on or off does not impact the lack of access to internet. No it is not only my work PC that has problems but that is the only one that has never gained access to…
  • @FS_Simo Any luck in reporducing? I have an additional situation. I cannot connect my work laptop to internet through SENSE. I get connected to the SENSE wifi AP but without internet connection meaning I do not get a connection even once i a while. When I connect to a wifi AP on the WAN side of the SENSE everything works…
  • Now I am getting frustrated with SENSE... Also Android phones started occasionally telling me they are connected withouth Internet access. The kids PC drops has been dropping internet connection while staying connected to SENSE from start and yesterday evening I could not get an internet connection through SENSE with my…
  • @FormerMember wrote: So do you meant that if I connect my pc to sense via wlan, it might not lose internet connection like it does now? Or do you mean that I have to put another router between sense and my pc, and the connect the pc via cable or wlan to the middle router in order to not lose internets? I have some wlan usb…
  • Hi F-Secure, I installed the SENSE yesterday and see the same problem of loosing the internet connection for short or mid long intervalls. The interesting points I want to add to the discussion is that I see the connection drop only between the PC (Windows 10) computer and Internet through SENSE. If I bypass SENSE by…