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  • Thanks, I ran both scans and they detected a large number of objects which F-Secure had not detected, even in a full system scan. Unfortunately my mum removed them before I was able to submit them to F-Secure as malware samples. Anyway I am rapidly losing confidence in F-Secure's protection, as this is the second time that…
  • Thanks, I submitted it as a false positive and got this response: Subject: Re: SAS:62445 : False positive : [FS-T1047121] Hello, Thank you for your submission. The false positive you experienced is caused by our proactive detection engine. In case you got an alert popup, you might want to allow its execution manually. We…
  • I uploaded the current file and received this message: File already analysedThis file was last analysed by VirusTotal on 2013-10-21 11:48:59 UTC, it was first analysed by VirusTotal on 2013-09-26 20:54:10 UTC. Detection ratio: 0/47 You can take a look at the last analysis or analyse it again now. I clicked on the Reanalyze…
  • I checked that MD5 checksum on and none of the 50 sites detected it as a virus (0%).
  • Hi Gary, Thanks for your help. I have submitted the FSDIAG file as [SR ID:1-563734566]. When you say "We are certain now that the F-secure Online Scanner is capable to detect and remove this particular virus," do you mean using DeepGuard? As the last response I received from the SAS team was: "From the detected file…
  • Hi Gary, As previously noted, the Online Scanner did not detect the virus either. I have cleaned the machine using MS Security Essentials which did. Therefore I do not need to clean the machine now, it is no longer infected thanks to MSE. I would also be very interested to know why Aquarius is not running, and neither did…
  • Hi Tamas, Unfortunately the machine was infected on the afternoon of 10th April. So presumably DeepGuard was not updated in time to protect it. I don't understand why F-Secure has an engine that is perfectly good at detecting this virus, and they do not use that engine in their desktop product, and do not provide an…
  • Hi Tamas, MD5: 70f8499f814c41457e4e58c0ab1f835b SHA1: b2c0fdc46a78a512c3e74a2e043be36f832cf9f6 I don't understand why Aquarius is not even running on this file, do you? Especially if it is "the main virus scanner engine of F-Secure products" and the only one that detects this virus in this file. Cheers, Chris.