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  • Regarding (2), there already are Windows services that cannot be stopped, and it's common for AV services to be completely protected against stopping the service and killing the processes even as an administrator. Unlike Linux, Windows is quite h…

  • Point two is an interesting one.


    One the face of it, it would seem reasonable, and indeed competing products do generally employ self-defence in the system services.


    However, there's a flaw in F-Secure Gatekeeper where…

  • I'm not sure that anyone is actually testing this interface. If you have a top taskbar, and you maximise the window, it maximises to the correct size, but vertically offset by the height of the taskbar. This is a new bug created in 12.20.


  • Our PMS runs on Debian Linux 8.5 32-bit, running in an ESXi 5.1 VM. CPU usage is fairly constant at 14% average, across two virtual cores (the physical CPUs are Xeon E5530 2.4 GHz). Disk usage is fairly close to zero at all times, but opening PMC…

  • I can click Root then Alerts and see them all in around 1–2 seconds. Viewing global installation status takes around one second. The improvement in speed is incredible — no more "Waiting for the server" for ages (in the past these steps could tak…

  • I wouldn't want to revert back to the version 11 UI, since that was a bit grim too.


    There are a number of things that do need correcting, though.


    The huge title bar is exceptionally pointless. I'm tired of all the prim…