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  • Thanks for your help.
  • I contacted support and they said it's a Standard key. This is the email I got for 14.x: CLIENT SECURITY 14.00 Dear customer, We are happy to announce that version 14.00 of Client Security (Windows) is now available. If you have a valid license for Client Security, you can upgrade to the latest version with the keycode…
  • I tested it today and it actually showed the Settings Policy updated immediately after applying the changes in Policy Manager. Not sure if that's typical behavior, but I changed the policy several times right after another and it immediately showed a new version for Settings Policy on the client I was testing on.
  • I understand that. But if you look at the update it show Settings Policy there as well.
  • Not positive, but I believe it checks for updates during the normal update check. If you right-click on tray icon, click Check for Updates. You'll see the Settings Profile version listed.
  • I had to re-create mine, but maybe there is a way to import/copy? Someone from F-Secure would need to explain that. I had to create new services and new rules, but I just opened a Policy Manager Windows next to my VM and then copied the setting over with them side by side.
  • Thanks! That's how I understood it to work, but wanted to verify. We had it disabled in GPO to not cause conflicts with 13.11, so I'll turn it on and manage ports through the PM. Thanks!
  • Thanks for that. I looked there, but totally skipped over it.
  • When will this be included in the base client install? We've have been seeing on a few machines that have been isntalled since we pushed this hotfix, so we have installed individually on those having the issue, but would be nice if it was part of the base install.
  • Response from support: "Thank you for your reply, our developers continue working on the hotfix as the latest version still faced some issues, I was waiting for them to release the final version in order to provide you with it, however if you would like to try the current version of the hotfix I will be happy to provide…
  • What do we reference for the fix? Would this thread work? I also have a ticket in currently, but haven't received a response in about a week. Should I just respond to that?
  • That's the setting. The problem it's causing is our imaging solution gets stuck there and won't complete. I changed the setting to 0, but wasn't sure what effect that "really" has on security. What we have done it just postpone install of F-Secure until the imaging is complete. We had originally found the printer and…
  • It looks like settings were fine. I'll test today and see what happens. Thanks for input.
  • Sorry Policy Manager and Server 12.31.79713 Client Security Premium 12.31
  • We have the plugin disabled and still see this. It's also disabled in the policy. These are on existing installs, though. not sure about completely clean installs. The machines we're imaging now aren't being used as we're on summer break at school. I believe I even uninstalled the plugin on my machine, but will have to…
  • To add to this, one of the teacher machines worked after reinstalling Chrome over existing, but was crashing again this morning after login. -Thursday April 25th, 2017 was working fine, installed F-Secure, was broken. -Disabled browser protection and connection control, reinstalled Chrome, everything fine. -Tuesday 30th,…
  • Thanks for info. I was just looking for things to try. It's been pretty frustrating. We have two machines in office and I have had to copy UserData, uninstall Chrome, resintall Chrome, and restore UserData. Sometimes it will go two weeks and sometimes it will crash two days in a row. Chrome opens with a grey background and…
  • 1. Client Security 12.31 Premium 2. I have several on my machine. One account that we tested with had none. One was a fresh profiles on that machines. Not even sure he had ever logged in. It was an administrative account, so he travels to different machines, but doesn't log into Chrome or install extensions. The other was…
  • I am having trouble with F-Secure and Chrome, but can't specifically point to browser extension. All I know is that several machines I have F-Secure installed on, immediately started crashing Chrome, when they have been fine for over a year with F-Secure.
  • Installed F-Secure 12.31 on two machines last night, both had the Chrome crashes today. We have been running Windows 10 all year with no issues until the F-Secure installs. I have been having this issue intermittently on my machine and another in my office for last two months or so. It will go two weeks with no issues then…