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  • I know, but at meantime SENSE don't provide that functionality available in concurrent products, and the SENSE subscription is not so cheap.   Anyway would be nice roughly know if the lack is about one year or few months, to know which subscrition…
  • Hi @F6, thanks for the suggestion that I followed, but I was in doubt because maybe I was wrong in something.
  • Ability to initiate a PPPoE connection from SENSE, look at
  • Why not both on the same SSID?
  • there is some way to force the firmware update?   In my case the SENSE firmware still to the older one     Edited: I solved with a dirty reboot unplugging power cable. Why not implement the possibility to update manually by the app?
  • * Data usage per device counter * Real time statistics for bandwidth usage * Possibility to give priority to some devices * Freedome integrated * DHCP reservation capability * WPS * Notification on new device discovered on the network * "Out of…
  • The absence of wps is a big gap, there are several IoT devices that allow you to be configured only by this, in my case for example even the daikin controller for the air conditioner cannot be configured differently, I understand it can be a securit…
    in WPS support Comment by evolun July 2017
  • Does anyone remember us? Italy, Milan is still in the same conditions...
  • Yesterday evening I also encountered issues with Switzerland - Zurich, remedied using Germany - Falkenstein, but keep changing the place is a bit 'exhausting, I have to change on my device, on that of my girlfriend, and on the laptop, is from August…
  • There is news? Still you can not use italian milan virtual location, google keeps asking captcha indefinitely.   From Safari on iOS, Chrome on Windows 10 and Chrome on Android, same problem.
  • His is a nice answer, I really like what you are planning to do with your product and this shows how seriously you take the matter, the risks for the consumer with this type of products is to fall into a good marketing but with little substance due …
  • Thank you Ben for replies. About first point is in prospective to implement the functionality? Reservation is more simple ed immediate to handle. About the second point, unfortunately the answer don't satisfy completely my question, I'll try to …