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  • "But.. the VPN still drops off after a while. The good news is that it wakes up again by itself. Why oh why.. is this some kind of iOS8 energy saving function, that the VPN is on only part time? With iOS7 and Freedome i never saw the VPN logo missing unless I manually put VPN off. Something has gone wrong either with…
  • I can just inform, my VPN on demand just disappeared when I open Freedome to check the version. But if I change location to UK, that profile enables VPN on demand for me... Yeah, confusing. I'm out of suggestions, sorry.
  • Indeed strange. I can only say that i'm running version
  • Muumipappa, I had something similar happen to me. I use the Swedish location. And it didn't turn on my demand. Please go preference under VPN click the "i" to the right of the F-Secure to see the details. If everything is setup correctly, VPN on demand should the turned on default. Although i had some issue with the…
  • Perhaps this post should be moved to "Feature Request." We don't want this great suggestion to get lost.
  • Correction. It works everywhere.
  • Yes, same here. Doesn't work on my iPhone 4S, can't install profile. It fails overtime. And the old profil is gone. So... But it works on my iPad 2...
  • Okay, tough luck for small/tiny countries. I've requested numerous times, this is the last one. Seems like a waste of time, if i have to request 1000 times to match 1 chinese request
  • Would be cool if you would add the rest af Scandinavian as well. As a Finnish company and with the promising name Freedome I was hoping that for once scandinavian countries/costumers (except Sweden) wouldn't finally be "overlooked". And since the no location servers means no local content. Perhaps I was too optimistic. :)
  • It's so obvious, so very needed. I would be very disappointed if the answer to this is no.
  • I don't think you have done anything wrong. It doesn't work, because the sync feature is down. Doesn't work. It's dead. So... This app require patience.
  • Just and update to the post above... The OS X app, where there is a "Sync now" button, say synchronisation status to "Never," which is anything but true. So the sync feature is obviously not working at all. Screenshot:
  • fn+ctrl+f2 often hangs in Safari, because FsKey is unresponsive. 
  • Perhaps "sucks" is a bit too strong. But… At least if they insist on running these communities, then you need real properly product documentation, user manuals and complete reference material etc. for each product. And as you said, it's free volunteer work from regular users. I don't have an issue, with them. I just don't…
  • Yes these issues are mostly when logining into sites via web browser. But as you say I also use system wide for applications (Which is awesome by the way!) Mac OS X 10.9.2 Safari Version 7.0.3
  • Hi JuhaT, Thanks for replying. Sorry about the image, i don’t know went wrong. I've got it working now – well sort of. I think perhaps I'm not understanding how it works underneath the hood. And that why I get confused, and think it’s not working. - First of it doesn’t seem to able to enter in usernames. - And if I click…
  • Help. Please help. I can't get it to work. * Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) and later: Go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Privacy tab. There is a listAllow the apps below to control your computer, you need to drag and drop the fskey executable inside that list. Like so? It doesn't work? fn+ctrl+F2 or ctrl+F2... 
  • Hi, come to think about it. I do think it says inactivity in KEY settings. But I'm not around a desktop computer so I can't check. I believe I set mine as 30 minutes I inactivity before it auto locks.
  • I think you can go to settings and change how many minutes before KEY locks. The default I believe is 5 minutes, but you can use the slider to increase the number of minutes.
  • Thanks Ivan, Yeah I know. And it's great! I think a lot of people are looking forward to this. But I also at the same time know, that a Danish server location is more than months away. So I was just curious, if I somehow to "tweak" a little. But I understand that it can't work without being routed through a server… and…
  • I'm certain clicked save and didn't go back. Because I copied the password using the copy button, and a copy button isn't available in edit mode.
  • Well. This is bad news. My mac is at a repair service, so i've havne't had the time to test it on OS X. But i've had the "pleassure" on Windows XP... Ctrl+F2 doesn't work there either. And there is some bug or glitch with the saving or sync. Because i just changed some password using the generate feature and clicked on…
  • Hmmm. Ok. Thanks.
  • I'm no expert. But I think it's a NO. :) wishful thinking on my part. But thanks for taking the time to help Simon.
  • Ok, thanks. I've currently subscribing to PrivateVPN now. Can the two services be used en tandem? Because it's got a Danish server. But no fancy anti-virus, anti-phishing as F-Secure provide. So merging the two, would be a match made en heaven for me :)