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  • Hi   I opened a support ticket as suggested and eventualy i was told to check a reg entry, allthough i was not officaly told, becaue i have some IT knowlage, i work in support, so i chainged the reg entry to what support told be it should be,re bo…
  • Hi   I have already done this and i have just sent back the log files requested by the support team     Regards  
  • Hi   This is odd as i got a message last night about an upgrade which i installed and now its not working at all and when i check the version number of the installed program in control panel i am reporting a version number of 1.2.2729.0 and not th…
  • Further information I have also attempted to roll back windows to before the install and remove the previous version then do a new install of version 1.2.2729.0 after the restart the program asks for there is no freedome Icon in the task bar, if I a…
  • Hi   I could not access any web site on any browser after reinstall, This has happend with other solutions I have tested, but yours worked perfectly when on trial, and after purchaceing the licence, this was when freedome vpn was in my IE settings…
  • Hi   Not only can i not use a product i have paid for, and now i dont seem to be getting any support either, I have over 300 days left on my licence, and now you want me to pay again because i had to uninstall the product because i could not get t…