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  • And,,, I guess a final update. I could NOT find the f-secure uninstall on this website. Searching pulls up no hits at all. Seems kind of silly to have an inhouse unintall tool but not let anyone have access to it, but I guess thats how it is. fwiw, here are the "properties" of the uninstall tool that the f-secure tech…
  • Finally fixed! Been a long unneeded slog. Here's the deal for anyone with install problems with the Charter Security Suite: If the install fails when the installer is perfoming a "detecting conflicting software" at around the 75% complete bar on the initial install, then the conflicting software is most likely the previous…
  • Hi Crissy; No change, no workee, still have the message sitting here on my screen "Free upgrade from Charter Security Suite.......We recommend that you install this free upgrade now......" yada yada yada. Doesn't work, never goes away, drives me crazy. I love the bit at the bottom of the dialog... "Protecting the…
  • Hi jagadesan; Got your PM and replied, but I'm not sure if it got through? Seems I can only access PM from the email I received, I can follow the link and get your PM, and I can reply, but if I hit the tab for messages it takes me back to the main community menu...? Anyway, I replied with the answers to your questions last…
  • Thanks for the reply. This is my third go round with it, so I'm pretty good at dropping back the previous restore point. Currently running the previous version as I wait for Charter to get with f-secure and possibly fix something. I have tried - a -just letting the installer go for it, -b- fully removing f-secure and then…
  • Jagadesan; SRID? Guess you are not familiar with how cable companies do business in the US. Here's how it works, they take your money every month and in return provide you just enough service so you will not drop them for a competitor. If you have a problem, you call them, they try and brush you off, and life goes on. In…