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  • I have received information that mentioned website above now can be reached again. But this incident removed all my trust in F-secure and I will not use their service in future and is very happy with the new one. That allowed me to leave the broadband supplier I had which only offered high prices for 1000 MB connection and…
  • Despite using the allow webpage button it does not unblock it for the particular website mentioned above. So far that is the only one but I suspect there are more. I have also placed the website address in the list of not blocked websites but still it won't allow it. F-secure are running errands for large scale companies…
  • They send out updates they never checked properly is why. They also work to censor the internet by pretending websites are harmful. They are a big threat to free speech and the russian hackers are a much smaller problem if you ask me. F-secure is Big Brother.
  • I could not in any way shape or form allow the website. I could do that with other harmful websites. It is clearly a bug in the update and maybe someone is being paid money to class certain websites as harmful when they are not and many like me have used that website for many years without any issues. That website just…
  • There is no way to unblock it like for other websites also considered harmful. It is a bug in the new update which means the security programme is insecure and useless to the users that pay money for it. Maybe F-secure should remove all the blocking and start over again. People cannot even access websites they have shopped…
  • Amazon told me they had started legal proceedings against F-secure and expect it to reach the courts in early 2018. They are losing millions if not more on customers being blocked form shopping. F-secure, please retire your service and disappear please.
  • I cannot use the internet after the latest update and had to contact the broadband supplier and end my subscription from f-secure and turn to another one. What a joke this poxy little finnish firm is and they are now worse than Nokia so drink some vodka and go into the sauna and stay there the lotta ya.