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  • That seem to me like an issue with the rules file. Check out the thread that was on here talking about fixing a broken rules file. This can happen often, mostly when there is a rule with certain special characters. Those characters make xfense ignore any rule after that. There was a simple command that whould check for…
  • It‘s not officially supported. If you do everything right while upgrading it works, but there are some issues with some apps and processes. For example some system processes have as a result of this a high CPU Usage and the whole screen lags really badly. If you would manually whitelist the directorys that those processes…
  • I meant just till the update is complete, then move it back + reboot
  • I just upgraded to Mojave and XFence is running fine. But before you upgrade, move the XFence Kernel Extension from /Library/Extensions/ to some other folder via Terminal!! (You need to disable it before in the StatusBar) This is really important! Otherwise you would ruin your entire system, because during the update the…
  • As I've done previously, I can only appeal to you and your team: Please also work on new features for the standalone version of XFence. Please dont make this an kind of discontinued product. Many people are interested in this Program itself and not some complete (and expensive) F-Secure security system. Thank you
  • You already told us that last year..
  • If you really would have a problem, it wouldn't be so hard to google 2 seconds to find out how to open terminal in recovery. So if it isn't even worth your time to open google then I wouldn't post in this forum, because you're then just wasting other peoples time. Ps: In the menubar right when you boot to recovery, there…
  • Did you read my solution? Delete it from the Recovery Partition!
  • Did you get the answer yet? I know how to uninstall. Because I have to, every time I'm doing major software updates (im only uninstalling it partly though) First Step: Disable XFence from Status bar app. Then just remove the kernal extention from Library/Extentions If you can't disable it, bc for example you deleted the…
  • @XenoPhage wrote: Nope, incapable of reading. Sorry. You are the one the asked for help in the community forum
  • @XenoPhage wrote: Installing updates, especially betas, doesn't seem to work when XFence is installed. So my "solution" is to export the rules, uninstall XFence, install the updates, reinstall XFence, and finally re-import the rules. It's kind of a pain, but it works. What I'd really love to see is some sort of an update…
  • I also can't do software updates anymore, but here is the solution for now without uninstalling: Step 1: Temporarily disable XFence Step 2: Move .kext File For example move the File located at /Library/Extentions/Xfence.kext to some other place (you will need it later so don't delete it) My advice: Type this line in…
  • Thank you for the answer! By the way, what other Mac products are you referring to? And if I understand this right, do you suggest that XFence won't be released as standalone product?