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  • Thanks Ukko, There is no need to say sorry for your comments on posts. As long as the Sense does not clear all tracking cookies from known tracking domains it has not much value to enable tracking in the Sense. Besides this I would like to see logging of the events. A feature request has been added in the applicable post.
  • Hi, I like to see logging services (fi Syslog) of what’s being blocked by the Sense (websites, programs, tracking etc.). Now it’s a black box, especially on tracking blocking events. To judge the value of the Sense open reporting should be a requirement. Thanks.
  • The HP Compaq 8100 is an older device but, at this very moment, still resold as refurbished units. It was a popular and speedy PC within companies.
  • Results of the protocol analysis: KPN’s Speedtest servers use the IP6 (Fallback IP4) TCP/IP Protocol stack in combination with the WebSocket protocol. Both of my PC-systems do reach a throughput close to link speeds with a direct connection to my Provider’s Router. The Dell Studio XPS does the same via the F-Secure Sense.…
  • Hi 1sk and Laksh, Herewith the results of the tips of 1sk: 1) NIC Driver = Intel dated 2010-04-12 Checked for driver update with PROWinx64.exe –> no driver update available for Intel 82578DM and Windows 10; only the adapter settings menu has changed with more options 2) Green Ethernet setting not available All…
  • Hi Laksh, Double check answers: - All connections are 1 Gbps UTP based between Home Router and Sense and between Sense and Workstations - The UTP-cable from Sense to the HP Compaq has been replaced. However the same results. I will backup the image of the HP Compaq and do a clean install and will see what the results are.…
  • Hi 1sk, Thanks fort the tips. But why should I do all this while this PC, if directly connected to the provider router, shows excellent down- and upload speeds (close to the line speeds)! Only if connected via the Sense to the router, the down- and upload speeds drop significantly. As far as I can determine there is…
  • Hi Laksh, I did retest the provider’s download and uplink speeds via Sense with Protection off. However results are the same: Download drops from max. 79 to 52 Mbps and the upload from max. 93 to max. 20 Mbps. The PC is a HP Compaq 8100 Elite SFF with an Intel 82578DM Gigabit Network Controller. Providers link is 80 Mbps…
  • Hi 1sknew, I doubt if you do the same test as I have done. Connect a PC directly to your Fritzbox and do the Speedtest. Next connect the Sense to the 1 Gbps port of Fritzbox with a UTP cable and connect the PC directly to the Sense. Rerun Speedtest. I Like to know the results for down- and upload.
  • A Fritzbox in bridge mode does not work with a Sense because the Sense does not support the PPPoE protocol. I can't image that with the standard settings the Fritzbox 1 Gbps LAN-ports are limited in speed. Any other tips to improve the Sense's throughput are welcome.
  • The quality of the speedtest is not the concern. It has been run several times because I could not believe my eyes. The issue is the limited throughput of the Sense device!
  • Addition: all connections between the devices based on 1 Gbps UTP, no WiFi used.
  • Hi Ukko, Thanks for your detailed explantion. So the Sense Cloud Security service collects user information to find threats. It is used by the Sense Router and Sense Apps as a backend service. No direct usage for me as a user.
  • Ozone, Simo, Thanks for the tip, its a good workaround. The iPad is not locked in landscape mode. If you start the app with the iPad holding in landscape it fails. If you have the iPad in portrait and then start the app it is ok.
  • Additional info: