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  • This was never solved. Once you reinstall your computer you'll get this error thrown again. I had to move on to another VPN solution from another service provider. I'm unable to find any contact information (email, phone) where from I could ask for refund. Does anyone have any information on this? If not, I'll call their…
  • Search the internet with the search words 'dns leak protection'.
  • The problem was solved last time (got a new code) but I'm experiencing the same issue again because I was forced to reinstall Windows 10 on a laptop (last update broke Freedome) and also reinstalled Windows 8.1 on a desktop computer. I will also face this issue in the future on a laptop with W8.1 because it was having…
  • @PlasmaGsus wrote: Thank you for trying to help. It seems Freedome won't be able to solve the Netflix problem.. I tried incognito mode, cleared cache and all but it still locates me in Finland. I think it's due the fact that Netflix is subscribe service and they know the country you're from. I just wonder how that would…