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  • Hi Ukko RE: Or did you mean - that file removal is reoccurred each restart even with excluded / allowed items and directories? Yes even though I had excluded the directory and restored the file in question ... it was still removed at the restart. Once the file is quarantined it is removed regardless of restore. I…
  • I don't see any responses, so I tried opening a support ticket but I don't see F Secure Safe listed as one of the products. Is support no longer available for home products via their website? I have an unrelated issue now with a false positive for a product long installed on my PC. I upgraded to the latest version and F…
  • Thanks for the response R&D. Yes after terminating the process I realized its purpose. With all due respect, there is something wrong. I've noticed that my PC is still running hot. I run my PC 7x24. I have monitoring software that a;erts me when my core temp is high. Normally my PC runs at 35 C however now with F Secure…
  • Still unable to upgrade my license count through the website but the account team overrode the limitation. Issue is closed. I still don't understand why you had to remove a case # that only has relevance to your support team and is not traceable to me at all but whatever.
  • Well ... I have a ticket open now ( F-Secure: xxxxx FSS- Subscription upgrade failed [ ref:_xxxxxx ] ) . It took me about 40 min yesterday on hold to finally get a support person to tell me to provide screen shot of the error. I'm very frustrated. Why not just update my license # manually? Worry about fixing the website or…