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  • @pajp Any chances to get an outlook for Antivirus for Mac with XFence integration? 
  • Any statement coming soon? 
  • According to F-Secure announcements Xfence is already integrated in bussiness endpoint protection, so guessing there is a good chance we will see XFence technology in future home user products! But still waiting for an official response on that topic.
  • I don't really understand why a video driver would force you to use an old version of Freedome? If you're looking for the latest installers of Freedome (latest version available) you can dowload it here! (This file (.exe) also upgrades an already installed version of Freedome on your Windows PC) For better help you might…
  • Freedome is a standalone product, no matter you buy it saparately to an exisiting F-Secure Safe license or as a software bundle (= F-Secure Total Security). So watch out for the best offer FAQs: F-Secure Total If your're having problems with banking urls please submit it and report your issue here: Report issues / submit…
  • Hi! There is no separate desktop icon for F-Secure's `Banking Protection'. 'Banking Protection' is a security layer (protection feature) that is integrated in F-Secure Safe and Internet Security. So don't worry - nothing's missing. If you see the notification banner when accessing a banking webpage, everything should be…
  • @Laksh Any updates on this topic?
  • Please check the Knowledge Base: What happens when Freedome asks for license transfer? Hope that helps.
  • No. There is no support for Windows 10 Mobile. Don‘t expect developers are putting much effort in supporting Windows 10 Mobile (no new Windows Mobile devices and very low market share). 
  • Not sure but you could... 1. Try to get the latest version of F-Secure Safe for Mac. and 2. There is also a known compatibilty issue with Safe for Mac (17.0 and earlier) and macOS 10.13.
  • Please add further information: - Are you using F-Secure Safe or Internet Security / Anti-Virus? - Can you take a screenshot of 'error message' ? Please don't hesitate to contact F-Secure support by chat or phone! You may get better and faster help from F-Secure staff.
  • I can recommend the Knowledge Base for further informations: If you're using F-Secure SAFE: 'How do I release an F-Secure Safe license?' If you're using F-Secure Internet Security: 'How to transfer an installation from one computer to another?'Please keep us updated if this solved your problem.
  • +1 AdBlocker by F-Secure is not working on my iOS 11 devices either.
  • Sad to hear there is nothing planned for the near future. Thanks for your honest reply. 
  • @Ukko Just a guess, but I think Key is not a primary focus of F-Secure's portfolio strategy. Maybe not enough resources (time, money, developers) to focus on a Windows Store (Universal) App.
  • Hi @Varkhan Unfortunately, this is a long lasting problem with Key on Windows devices! I am using Key for a long time now and on my Windows 10 devices this 'problem' still persists! I am really annoyed because this 'high usage' of processor power triggers my fans. I am experiencing this problem on 2 Surface Pro 3 devices…
  • Unfortunately, there are no Windows Store Apps (Windows Universal App) available at this time. Also please check: - Freedome: Windows Universal Platform App - Key: Windows Edge implementation / extension - Home Security Beta Programs: F-Secure security solutions I am asking for Windows Store Apps for a long time now.…
  • Unfortunately, there are no Windows Store Apps (Windows Universal App) available at this time. Also please check: - Freedome: Windows Universal Platform App - Key: Windows Edge implementation / extension - Home Security Beta Programs: F-Secure security solutions I am asking for Windows Store Apps for a long time now.…
  • Hi, since this issue happens suddenly (there is no way to reproduce it) and varies in time and divice it's hard to tell if its a "device problem". I considered a server problem since I experienced these unstabilities on iOS and Windows. I am updating my Windows systems right now, then do a fresh install of Freedome. I will…
  • Hi @Laksh I tried the Italian and Belgium Server on different devices - not for the same amount of time than your German server, so harder to tell. Most of the times Freedome works fine feeling no difference in speed. But sometimes there is this case where I have to turn it off and on again to get it back to work fine 
  • Sounds like something went wrong during installation. I had a similar problem before. Get the latest installer and reinstall Freedome on your device - do not deinstall it before. Then check if it's still broken.
  • I agree, there are some usuable features missing - unfortunately! All in all Key is a decent product with limited functionality at a high price. Still I like there is no registration for this service necessary I hope F-Secure is going to improve Key in the near future. Have a good one! 
  • Unfortunately, there is no possibilty to set categories. On iOS/(Android?) devices you can set a few "favorites" for faster access. On Windows devices and iOS/(Android?) devices you can use the search bar to reach your entry a bit faster.
  • @scoobi Can you upload a screenshot? This might help to get a better understanding for this problem. 
  • @Laksh Good to hear, thanks for your quick response! Is there a release date or any beta testing programs coming?
  • Lately I am experiencing excessive CPU- and Battery-Usage on my Windows 10 devices. I already disabled Autofill features and switched to "Copy&Paste". Hope Key-Team is planning to fix this issue!
  • Actually I hope F-Secure's porting Apps to UWP-Apps for Windows 10! I bet especially Key and Freedome could profit from a much better user experience and touch support if Apps would be made more compatible to Windows 10 and features. UWP-Apps can be powerful as well. Just think of the latest announcements for Office 365…
  • Already tried to reinstall Key? You can find the latest installers in the download section. Key works fine on my Windows 10 devices but still: - on big screens with high resolutions Key looks aweful small (scaling is very bad!) and - there is no touch support for Key at all.
  • Hey @Laksh I would really appreciate to see F-Secure Key to have better support for Microsoft Edge. Even better: I could imagine that Key (and even Freedome) is also a good candidate for a great Universal Windows Apps.
    in Windows Edge Comment by Vetraci May 2017
  • Hi @KDx2333 you can download the latest version of Key here! I know this issue. I have installed Key on 3 Windows 10 devices and it didnt notificate for an update on any of these three devices. So the workaround for to get the latest version of F-Secure Key (or even Freedome) is to download the installers from the linked…