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  • Hello ASR, Clearly you have Server Security product installed together with Policy Manager on your server. For troubleshooting purposes you can try to disable Real-time scan and check if it helps. If that is the case, some scanning exclusions can be configured to lower the issues. Anyway, please, contact support. We will…
  • Hello Falk, Please, make sure that you do export for 14/15 versions: It contains json with text. Alternatively you can collect support information from one of your client machines, and check basic\settings.txt file in it. Maybe it will fit your requirements even better. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Falk, What product(s)/version(s) are you using? Best regards, Vad
  • Hello HiggsBoson, It's too hard to say what could be wrong. We need more information. Is it possible to collect diagnostic information from server, which shows version 14.10, and from server which is not shown in PM Console, and provide it to support? Thanks in advance, Vad
  • Hello Decent_rider1, There should not be any differences in those 2 scan types, except different policy tunings, as they are separate for real time and manual scan. You can select different file extension sets to scan for example, or enable/disable scan inside archives. If you think there is an issue, please, reproduce it…
  • Hello Peter, Unfortunately, we have a known issue in the fresh SWUP DB, which prevents it from being published in production channel. We are working on a fix with priority, and will publish new SWUP DB update ASAP. We expect to have it published during this week. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello KrzysztofB, Just in case, did you check this Web Console prerequisites? Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Askoik, We have several events, which will lead to re-applying the rules: changes in FS firewall settings, including change of active profile any FW rules change events (both Windows and FS) changes in FW registry So, if you have FW profile auto-selection turned on, and the profile is changing when hosts are shifting…
  • Hello Askoik, It's Windows OS responsibility to resolve DNS names for Windows firewall rules. If it fails to resolve, the rule is applied only partially, and you get the alert in PM console. This fact can also explain why some hosts having the same rules are sending alerts, and some are not - they don't have problems with…
  • Hello Treble, The new release is planned for second half of next week, 12-14.05.2021. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Bert. In released Business Suite versions the only workaround is to tune Software Updater to close applications before installing updates (in Policy Manager console). In upcoming 15.20 releases it will be possible to show the dialog with proposal to close running applications to local user. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello AkkuAnkkka313, The problem could be in the report size. Policy Manager has a limitation on report size - 2Mb. You can increase the limit in registry. On Windows, Java system properties for PMS can be specified using Windows registry. You need to create String registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE(…
  • Hello cetil35, Separate alert sending option for each Device Control rule will be introduced in the next 15.20 release, which is planned for April 2021. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello again, You can find it here: Best regards, Vad
  • Hello MarkITSpec, You can run support tool locally on the client machine, or remotely from PM console, find in collected archive the file basic\settings.txt, and then locate common.sites.list strings in it. They contain both trusted and disallowed sites configured for this machine. Example: common.sites.enabled: true…
  • Hello Gerard, Such local UI is expected, if both Firewall and Browsing protection were unchecked during MSI import from PM Console: Best regards, Vad
  • Hello GerardSweeney, Here is the example screenshot of Browsing protection related UI. It's not possible to add more visible settings on it. You can try to run support tool and collect diagnostic information from one of you client machine (or do it remotely from PM Console). Then find the file basic\settings.txt in it, and…
  • Hello, No, it is not possible. Those logs were generated by F-Secure Firewall binaries, which doesn't exist in new versions. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Steven, All Firewall logs in 14/15 versions are located in c:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Log\Firewall\ folder. For 15 versions it is possible to change the logging level from PMC Centralized management -> Logging. But there is no possibility to add new logs. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Steven, All firewall logs are stored in c:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Log\Firewall\. It is possible to change the logging level in 15.X versions from PMC in Centralized management -> Logging. It is not possible to add any additional logs in SS 14/15 versions. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello ITMS, This issue is new for us. Could you, please, contact support. We will need diagnostic information from your PM/client for investigation. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Klaas, First of all, please, don't use "Push install to Windows hosts" for clients, on which the product is already installed. Use "upgrade" link in "Installed products summary" instead. In c:\ProgramData\F-Secure\Log\BusinessSuite\fs_pm_support.u.log on the client machine you can find out if the upgrade operation…
  • Hello Nenad, The blocking can be configured in Policy Manager Console - Settings - Web traffic scanning (Standard view) - Botnet Blocker - DNS query filtering setting. This setting controls whether or not to block DNS resolution queries based on the domain’s reputation, which is categorized as safe, unsafe, suspicious, or…
  • Hello Nenad, The rotation is triggered, when the current log (aua.log) reaches the size limit. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello TPM007, Please, contact support. We will need diagnostic information from affected machines for investigation. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Askoik, We have a new CS 15.00 product build 2694, in which the issue with opening Windows Explorer window is fixed. We will publish it on the website soon. Please, contact support, if you want to try it already now. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello Askoik, Thank you for reporting the issue. The team is currently working on a fix. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello dussan, Unfortunately currently it's not possible to add trusted applications for DataGuard using SHA1. Best regards, Vad
  • Hello hyvokar, Regarding your initial issue. This could happen if you'd installed new product (Server Security Premium) over existing Email and Server Security without uninstallation of ESS. We have a hotfix, which removes not relevant version from statistics. Please, contact support. Regarding the second issue with wrong…
  • Hello hyvokar, The Security cloud for legacy 12.x and latest 14.x product currently works a bit differently. Please, check If this article doesn't help, please, contact support. Best, regards, Vad