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  • Please note that currently, Windows Security reports fs protection state as "Snoozed", although the product is running normally. This is caused by a bug in a recent Ultralight Core update and we are working on a fix.
  • Release 17.9 beta 1 (4.40.860): New features: New Event history window. This dialog now has the similar look and feel with App and file control, and it is run as a separate process, thus the product will be consuming less memory while the Event history window is not open. Custom proxy address now supports authenticated…
  • Release 17.8 beta 18 (4.30.8074): Fixed issues: Scan wizard crashes at the end of the scan in some environments (PBL-6729)
  • Release 17.8 beta 13 (4.30.7828): Fixed issues: Harmful websites blocked statistic increases when using banking protection (PBL-6540) "Allowed and denied websites" link on block page does not work (PBL-6529) Notifications that browser extension is missing when browsing protection disabled (PBL-6524) New features: Pressing…
  • Hei, Tämä rivi lokissa johtuu siitä että skanneri ei ole pystynyt kyseistä tiedostoa avaamaan, todennäköisesti Windows pitää sen lukittuna. Se että tämä ilmoitetaan "Found infection" on tuotevirhe jota tullaan tutkimaan ja korjaamaan. Viruksesta ei ole tässä kyse. Kiitos palautteesta! Terveisin, Urmas
  • Click on the number to get an expanded view. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, Real-time scanning has a caching mechanism to avoid rescanning unchanged files over and over. Because of this the DeepGuard counter can be larger than the real-time scanning counter. Both counters can be so large because they are incremented per each scan or check. If you launch the same executable twice, DeepGuard…
  • Release 17.6 beta 5 (4.10.2102): Fixed issues: * Sentence begins from the non-capital letter on the Secure browsing tab (PBL-4819) * Windows Client Family Rules incorrectly showing device use limits for 8 hours (PBL-4811) * Safe Search window small bug - FSP 17.6 beta 3 (SAFE_BUG-02724, PBL-4807, PBL-4794) * Missing…
  • Hello, Which WinRAR version have you seen this with? I could not repro this myself with a quick test. Please create a bug report of this, and of all the other such cases. Thanks, Urmas
  • Hello, We are working on fixing this, but as a quick workaround, you can delete (or rename) spapi32.dll in the program files "fs protection\apps\ComputerSecurity\Anti-Virus" folder. This problem occurs only in computers that have this file present from old beta releases. BR, Urmas
  • We have these two known issues with Banking protection: * A recent update broke Banking protection in a way that reboot is needed to make it work. * After reboot, Banking protection will not work until 5 minutes have passed since reboot (this problem has been there already earlier). In other words, if you have not recently…
  • Hello, About showing detected malware during scanning and submitting samples from quarantine: these features have been requested before and wait prioritization. I have made a note of your requests in our feature requests database. About DeepGuard and file extensions: such a feature would not be necessary because we monitor…
  • Hello, We need the fsdiag.7z package from your computer to analyze this. It can be produced using "F-Secure support tool" installed on your system which can also be run in safe mode. Please contact our customer support and send this file to us, referring to this Community thread and CTS-99644 in our internal bug tracking…
  • Hello, A long opening time is expected. Quarantine is not really designed for storing thousands of samples, as this is not something to be expected from normal use of the product. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, This issue is not known to us, please create a bug report. Thanks, BR, Urmas
  • Hello, We have discovered an issue you should be aware of. When the computer has not been restarted for over 7 days, it may start reporting that virus protection is not up to date ("check for updates"), although it has been receiving and installing updates all the time. When this happens you can restart the computer to…
  • If an archive file has been scanned before and found clean, the scanning result is cached. If the file has not been changed since, the next scan will not need to unpack the archive and scan files inside them, and will instead return the "clean" result quickly. As it does not unpack the archive anymore, it also does not…
  • Hello, We are investigating this issue, unfortunately we have not yet found a reliable way to reproduce this problem. However, there is some evidence that restarting the computer may get rid of this problem, please try if this helps.
  • Hello, It is probably not worth sending a report about restart. We are aware of some scenarios that result in restart after upgrade, and it is likely that your case represents one of the known scenarios. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, It's good that it recovered after restart, but please file a bug report at beta portal anyway so that we can see if there is an issue we are not aware of.
  • Hello, Please file a bug report about this at the beta portal if not done yet, thanks! BR, Urmas
  • Excellent, good to know! Thanks! BR, Urmas
  • Hello, Officially, no. But since this is essentially Chrome beta we want to be compatible so we are interested in feedback if something is not working with it. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, Some features will work with other browsers, and with some browsers all features may work, but the bottom line is that we are not testing our product with non-supported browsers, so we give no guarantees about them. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, Comodo Dragon is not a supported browser. Only Chrome, Firefox and IE are supported. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, We removed the tracking cookie blocking feature from real-time scanning. We forgot to mention this in release notes, sorry about that. BR, Urmas
  • Hello, Are you still having this problem with the latest FS Protection TP? If yes, please create a bug report about this at the beta portal. For some reason the case was not followed up (I'm sorry about that) and now it is not possible to continue investigating this using the original bug report because the old ISTP beta…