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  • Release 18.1 beta 8 (4.60.2750): Known issues: Windows 11: Shell extension is missing after the reinstallation Fixed issues: Context help page wrong in a couple of places in Main UI (PBL-8782) Windows 7, 8.1: spinner in a white square is shown momentarily during "Switch user" operation (PBL-8767) Crash:…
  • Release 18.1 beta 5 (4.60.2375): New features: Serbian language support added Dark mode support has been improved and extended. The following areas now support dark mode: tray icon, native dialogs (installer, uninstaller, restart prompt, support tool), scan report. A spinner has been added while the Edge WebView2 is…
  • Release 18.1 beta 2 (4.60.1384): New features: Automatic gaming mode. This feature is only available in Windows 10 RS5 or newer versions. You can set it enabled in Settings / Scanning settings (default: on), which also shows the last detected gaming session. Additionally you must have "Game Mode" turned on in Windows…
  • Release 18.0 beta 9 (4.50.5413): New features: All system infection components that have been removed after detection by real-time scanning are now listed in Event history (PBL-8088) Fixed issues: "Viruses and Threats" renamed to "Viruses & Threats" (PBL-8163) Alternating flyers/events after infection removal from…
  • @ukko, thanks for reporting this, there is indeed a problem with the counters on the Browsing and Banking view, we'll check this.
  • @Candi1 , I believe you must have clicked on "Install this site as an app" when looking at this community forum page at some point. So this is not an app, this is just a shortcut to the forum page. Why Edge calls the shortcuts Apps I don't know.
  • @Candi1 , can you post a screenshot of FS Protection listed as an App? I have never seen this myself.
  • @Candi1 , our extension is listed in Edge under "Extensions", not "Apps". "Add-ons" is the name of the store where you can get new extensions, you get there by clicking on the "Get extensions for Microsoft Edge" button.
  • @Ukko , the counters there are all-time counters, since the time the product was installed. The websites checked counter is increased for all "primary" type http(s) request checks, so opening a new website may (and often will) cause the counter to increase by more than one. Especially redirections, online certificate…
  • The system tray icon visibility is controlled by Windows, not our product. You can configure this in Windows taskbar settings.
  • @DeclanA7X , we have discussed the Dark mode support for the UI here but currently there are no plans for this. It's not trivial to do and there have not been many requests for it.
  • Hello, I'm posting this info in this thread, as you may not have noticed the incident announcement in another thread. If you also have FS ID Guardian installed, its recent beta update 14 may have uninstalled FS Protection from your system, and this may have gone unnoticed by you. So you may want to verify that FS…
  • @martink , the product detects which browser you have been using most recently. When we detect that the Edge process has been started, we suggest extension for Edge. It does not matter what is the default browser.
  • Release 18.0 beta 1 (4.50.1511): New features: New Main UI: Main UI is done with .NET technology and only consumes resources when open. Action Center ("Messages") component is merged into Main UI. There is no longer the option to view messages in tray icon. Main UI has tasks for the user to solve and if an important task…
  • Strange, I could not repro it, for me access to https://community.f-secure.com/safe-en/kb/articles/5276-what-is-banking-protection-and-how-does-it-work was not blocked by the banking protection (using Chrome under Windows 10). If you can repro this then please create a bug report.
  • No. I just tested this myself, got beta 8 today, and the banking frame was not shown as expanded.
  • Release 17.9 beta 8 (4.40.3255): Fixed issues: "USB device found" flyer notification texts are now also shown in other languages than English USB device found flyer is not shown if you plug the device again under OSFMount drive emulation (PBL-7260) The "Run support tool" button text is not pronounced by Narrator (PBL-7181)…
  • Hello, We indeed changed the banking popup logic in beta 6 so that for the first three times, it is not automatically hidden, so that the users will have some chances to become familiar with it. After that, it will be hidden automatically. BR, Urmas
  • Release 17.9 beta 6 (4.40.2908): New features: USB drive scan: when a USB drive is inserted, a notification will be shown, allowing the user to scan it with a click of a button. These notifications can be disabled from Scanning settings. In non-English installations, the notification texts are not readable, this will be…
  • Hello, No, we have not changed the banking session closing logic. If it appears to have changed for you, please make a bug report with details. It it significant which banking site you used, which browser you used, and and if you had multiple browser windows and tabs open. We can then attempt to reproduce this with both…
  • Hello, Banking protection has some built-in logic for determining the ending of the user's banking session, resulting in automatic ending of the banking protection session. It is, however, limited, and does not guarantee that the banking protection session is automatically terminated always. For example, When the user logs…
  • Release 17.9 beta 5 (4.40.2634): New features: Scheduled scanning logic was modified, duplicate entries for same infections should not happen any more The file scanning phase in Scan wizard is now shown with green color instead of yellow (PBL-7099) Settings / Support page has an option to turn on debug logging Banking…
  • You can apply for the beta program at https://beta.f-secure.com/welcome/.
  • Yes, looks like this issue has been resolved now with yesterday's new Ultralight Core update.
  • Please note that currently, Windows Security reports fs protection state as "Snoozed", although the product is running normally. This is caused by a bug in a recent Ultralight Core update and we are working on a fix.
  • Release 17.9 beta 1 (4.40.860): New features: New Event history window. This dialog now has the similar look and feel with App and file control, and it is run as a separate process, thus the product will be consuming less memory while the Event history window is not open. Custom proxy address now supports authenticated…
  • Release 17.8 beta 18 (4.30.8074): Fixed issues: Scan wizard crashes at the end of the scan in some environments (PBL-6729)
  • Release 17.8 beta 13 (4.30.7828): Fixed issues: Harmful websites blocked statistic increases when using banking protection (PBL-6540) "Allowed and denied websites" link on block page does not work (PBL-6529) Notifications that browser extension is missing when browsing protection disabled (PBL-6524) New features: Pressing…
  • Hei, Tämä rivi lokissa johtuu siitä että skanneri ei ole pystynyt kyseistä tiedostoa avaamaan, todennäköisesti Windows pitää sen lukittuna. Se että tämä ilmoitetaan "Found infection" on tuotevirhe jota tullaan tutkimaan ja korjaamaan. Viruksesta ei ole tässä kyse. Kiitos palautteesta! Terveisin, Urmas
  • Click on the number to get an expanded view. BR, Urmas