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  • Hi! Thank you for the report, we have not seen this behaviour before but will try to reproduce the problem and see what is going on. If you wish to disclose what programs you have in your Login Items, please send me the list in a PM as it might give us some pointers where to look at. Thanks!
  • Hi! Thank you for your post and sorry for the radio silence regarding XFENCE. We are planning an update for the standalone version in very near future (pretty safe to say within two months). Mostly bug fixes and such. Thanks also for the feature suggestion about the endless prompts with build processes. We feel your pain…
  • Hi! Thank you for contacting us, would you happen to have a screenshot of the popup message? If so, can you please send it to me in a private message? There can be a promotional link to KEY in SAFE, but user initiative and interaction is needed to get KEY installed.
  • Hi! We are working on getting the Firefox and Chrome extensions to Password Protection. Will get back to you when exact schedule for this is more clear.
  • Hi! Yes, XFENCE integration is indeed in the roadmap for F-Secure SAFE for Mac. For the release schedule, at this moment I can only say that it will not be out in 2017
  • Hi, thank you for your feedback. Exclusion list is in the product backlog for SAFE Mac, and will be included in a future release. However, it is indeed already possible to exclude file accesses by a known process through a configuration file. Please edit /usr/local/f-secure/fsmac/sysconfig/system_daemons and add VMware…
  • Hi, Thank you for the feedback. We are actually currently testing some performance improvements which should also help with slowness when using certain programs, including Thunderbird. Will keep you updated on the progress.