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  • Hello,   Could be that the license key is expired. Can you open a bug report through about this and let's pick it up in there?   -- Tomi
  • Hi!   There is no way for the user to initiate a renewal for the beta key. We are periodically extending the licenses of active testers as a thank you for valuable feedback and bug reports.
  • In the beginning everyone gets a license which is valid for six months and as Ville mentioned we are extending the licenses of active users periodically. As of today we have done again a set of extensions to the licenses for our tester. Hit "Ch…
  • Beta users are also protected by the latest virus definitions. Just the release cycle is not mirrored on the production channel and therefore the dbtracker is not always reflecting the current definition version in the beta channels. Also keep in mi…
  • The aquarius update that should currently be in the channel should be 2013-12-08_02. Please do note that the dbtracker is not in sync with the Beta update channel, but it displays the updates currently in the production channel.   There should be …
  • Hello,   sorry for not being able to update you earlier. The updates should now be flowing properly to all update channels again.   @Simon, how is it looking for your laptop? Did it manage to download everything and is the Computer Security now…
  • Hi,   The package gets redone everytime we release a definition update so it always has the latest definitions. So if you notice that the definitions are not updated, you can redownload the package and use it to perform the update.  
  • Hello guys,   As a temporary workaround, can you guys try to update your definitions manually by using fsdbupdate9.exe. You can download it from here:    
  • Hello,   Could you guys try to hit "Check now", do you get new updates?   There seemed to be minor hickups on the backend, but should be flowing now again properly.  
  • Hello,   You should be able to access the project again. Your account was put back into the application queue (showing you the message thank you for applying), this can happen if you go through again the application page (which is for example at o…
  • Hello Rusli, We are testing with Windows 8.1 Preview versions and when Internet Security 2014 comes out it will support Windows 8.1 version also.
  • Hello,   Could you open a bug report for us at and attach the diagnostic report ( created by our Support Tool from your machine to it for us to further investigate it?
  • Hello Rusli, We are testing with Windows 8.1 Preview versions and when Internet Security 2014 comes out it will support Windows 8.1 version also.
  • Hello Mario,   Adding the drive to the excluded items should be sufficient configuration to achieve this, but if you are still having detections from the excluded path could you open a ticket for us in with the diagnotics…
  • Protection wise it is sufficient to scan the files in the archive only when they are accessed and this way preventing them on acting on your system. Scanning archives on demand is still useful in certain sceanrios, such as having a possibility to sc…
  • Hello Janiashvili, Ten hours sounds indeed quite lengthy for a full system scan. Have you tried how long the Full System scan takes if you disable the archive scanning from the manual scan settings?
    in Rootkit Scanner Comment by Tomi May 2013
  • Hi Janiashvili,   Rootkit scanning has been removed from the UI as part of our continuous process of renovating our products and simplifying them. Rootkit scanning is still performed when Full System scan is run, so just the dedicated option has b…
    in Rootkit Scanner Comment by Tomi May 2013
  • Currently the about box is showing incorrect version number for Deepguard. This will be fixed once the IS2014 Beta is released which should be happening quite soon.
    in DeepGuard 5?... Comment by Tomi May 2013
  • Hello, Deepgurad 5 is currently already available in the Internet Security Technology Preview which you can signup to at Deepguard 5 will be distributed to retail installations also latest by the Internet Security 2014 re…
    in DeepGuard 5?... Comment by Tomi May 2013
  • Hi Janiashvili,   Thanks for the feedback. I'll make sure the project team gets this also.    
    in New Design Comment by Tomi May 2013
  • Tested on our test systems with Firefox version 21.0 and rating icons were showed properly. I see you already reporter the issue through for us to investigate, so getting back to you on that side.
  • Hello Janiashvili,   The latest TP85 upgrade which introduced the HTTPS support through browser extensions on Firefox and Chrome has generated similar reports on really slow browsing speeds on HTTPS sites. On these cases it has been confirmed that…
  • Email and Server Security 10.00 is now available on our public web: