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  • Thank you Cale, but I already knew that. Problem is, that just like today (again) SAFE declares that is has scanned yet two other incoming downloads; however, nothing indicates that anything has been updated anywhere on the computer. If these downloads don't have anything to do with updating any known software, what is…
  • I tried it, it doesn't do anything other than minimize the kind of "pop-up window" that opens when you click the bar on the bottom of the SAFE "home page" or whatever it is called. The bar rotates each of the statistics one at a time, the pop-up window shows them all at the same time, clikcing bar/window just minimizes or…
  • Olen kyllä versiopäivittänyt Windowsin, mutta haluaisin tietää kuka tuon "Tuntemattoman tilin" ylipäänsä loi, ja miksi? Tuntematon tili sinällään ei aiheuta ongelmia, mutta tämänkaltaisen "ilmiön" löytyminen koneelta huolestuttaa, kun ei voi tietää onko kyseessä haittaohjelma vai ei. Toistaiseksi paras selitys ilmiölle…
  • Ainoastaan minä, tuntemattoman tilin SID-numero ei vastaa oikeiden tilien numeroja rekisterieditorissa katsoessa. Sikäli kuin ymmärsin, viimeinen luku -1000 tarkoittaa, että tuntematon tili on ensimmäinen tietokoneelle luotu tili, mutta en ole poistanut itse luomiani tilejä.
  • My folders on different computers also have 10-digits starting with 15 and then 1, 2 or 3 and further 7 numbers. The third number corresponds to the date that the folder was created, in the way that the folder from SAFE installation from January this year had 1 for a third number, the one for two months ago had 2 for a…
  • Ukko, where do you find these F-Secures own folders with the same number for a name as the one inside boost_interprocess? nanonyme, I have done no scans on this latest system, so it cannot be the reason why the folders are empty. Also, there should have been a notification if some files were removed. As I mentioned in the…