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  • In Mac it's not the same. There's no cursor when I open the ID Protection. If I click the ID Protection window bar to gain focus for that window, the cursor won't appear. I need to activate the password field manually. After opening the ID Protection, I could go and click Alt-Tab a few times to bring it in front, but…
  • After a year I still feel that the keyboard focus issue is a flaw that needs fixing. I keep typing my master password in wrong places because of this, possibly causing a leak. This flaw was inherited from Key to ID Protection.
  • Revisited this old feature request, and it seems to be pretty pointless since there is a feature for this.
  • That was the previous version of my problem. It went away in the first version of Mojave, but that did not last long and returned in the next update in a bit different form. Now it's never refusing altogether and the stupid-long waits are gone, but still, there's the typical one minute wait before the VPN is ready. In rare…
  • I received an answer to this and decided to share it here since it is likely to be useful for others as well. Short version, China does not want to play with VPN services. --- "...with Freedome enabled, access to certain Chinese websites or Chinese internet services often results in an error message saying that the server…
  • I have more answers now. I upgraded the MacOS to Mojave along with all my networking hardware (wireless AP and cable modem). The copper wire to the building was replaced with fiber, so I also upgraded my broadband subscription plan. The WLAN now runs 802.11AC. After 3 days of use, I'm happy to see all the problems gone. I…
  • I have 2 answers now. Freedome for Android received an update today, and after installing it I can't reproduce the problem anymore. In Mac, setting virtual location to something else than what I've been using does not make Freedome any quicker to establish the VPN connection. It still takes minutes rather than seconds. I…
  • Hi, thanks for the response. 1. The Freedome for Mac is 2.22.5577.0 2. I haven't, but I can test that today. 3. This is an iMac, so physical location and the network does not change. 4. In Android, the data communication dies completely when switching from WLAN to mobile network, and it does not start working…