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  • Many thanks Simon. I am covered for 3 devices at present. Seems rather a high price for a loyal user. Best wishes
  • Just tried the on-line form again and this time it was OK. Last time I contacted Support it took over a week to see a reply. Hope they are quicker this time. I see that F Secure used to be highly recommended by PC Advisor but has fallen out of their top 5 of late due to slow scan speeds. Anyone else had that issue. They…
    in contact Comment by Tafia March 2014
  • Sorry for the later response. I didn't get the expected notification to say some had replied though the email when someone replies box is ticked. Will try the form again though everything was filled in as required. Thanks for your response T
    in contact Comment by Tafia March 2014
  • Hi, I too have tried to fill in the on line support form and it is not accepted because I haven't completed the Service Rquest type box. When I click in it to select, there are no options, just the word " Select". I enter that and then am told I have not filled in the form and that box is shown in red.
    in contact Comment by Tafia March 2014
  • F Secure seems to be OK both last night and this morning though Google tells me that problem was also seen in 2011. Thanks for your response. Best wishes T
  • I have version 12.83 Build 104 installed. F Secure says it is up to date. I was told by F Secure some time ago to remove Malware Bytes so I did. Running XP and using Firefox browser.
  • Thanks for this. A Google search suggests that in the past this problem has been due to a clash between F Secure and Trusteer Rapport banking protection software though that was back in 2011. If I uninstall F Secure, how would I reinstall it and from where? Would I need my licence key? Seems to be working OK this morning.…
  • I have just posted the same problem which has happened two nights running. I am disappointed that no one has yet replied to your plea for help. Lets hope we can get this resolved. Best wishes Tafia