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  • I also contacted support, but I did not get any answer yet. Perhaps that was done when the analysis people answered me? - Game Mode does not change anything. - Compatibility mode of DeepGuard allowed me to run the game! Thanks a lot! Changing to compatiblity and returning to normal mode when I am finished playing is fine…
  • I got response from the analysis website. The file is clean and after an update of the defintion files it is now no longer suspected to be infected. BUT the game still reports "error 51" unless I turn off F-Secure or put the folder on the exception list
  • Thanks for the recommendation. I will try that...
  • The game did run this morning, so the "Allow" for DeepGuard was fine. The false positive should not be an issue anymore... There seems to be something else wrong.
  • Thanks for the hint! I uploaded it to VT. 4 of 51 scanners reported a virus. But one of them reported "Heuristic.LooksLike.Win32.SuspiciousPE.C!81" and one of them appended "Gen" to the virus name which should also indicate just a "heuristic guess". F-Secure is also in the list and was fine with the file... As the game is…
  • It's working again :) Yesterdays updates fixed the issue. The support asked me via mail for confirmation today and I gladly answered: YES, I RULE AGAIN AS GHANDI! Bow down before me, mortal! Okay, it was differently worded, but I am very happy now
  • Unfortunately uninstalling with the Uninstall Tool and installing again did not change the behaviour. The scanner needs an eternity to scan the XML files in the Civilization V folder
  • I have had the same problem and reported it to the German F-Secure Support already last Thursday. Till now there was no response. The problem is created by the real time virus scanner. It takes more than 20 minutes to scan the XML files in the Civilization V subfolder. It is recreatable by manually scanning the game's…