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  • Not really anywhere there to submit a query for an Android App. Its not a file as such nor a website as its an App. I'm really becoming disillusioned with F-Secure, it seems far too aggresive as stopping what I think it misidentifies as threats. I've completely stopped using the Safe Browser on my Android as it throws up…
  • Thank you for your assistance and sorry for the delay replying. I will take your advice and contact f-secure directly.
  • Thanks again. I've reported the problem using the link you provided and will await F-Secure's response, in the meantime I will access the site via one of my other devices that doesn't use F-Secure.
  • Thank you for your reply. It's flaging up "Harmful web site blocked - This web site has been reported as harmful. We recommend that you do not visit the web site" . Goes on to ask me if I want to exclude this "application" from future scans. It looks like javascript \scoped_dir8504_29655\CRX_INSTALL\js\background.js So it…
  • All sorted now thank you. Released licence, uninstalled then reinstalled.
  • Thank you for replying. Yes I solved the problem by releasing the licence, uninstalling then reinstalling, all running perfectly now thank you.
  • I made the mistake of assuming it was chat as in talk, so I'm pleased you have corrected me. Thank you very much.
  • Thank you for your help.
  • Thank you for your reply. The message "Your computer is not fully protected" etc. is now permantly displayed on my main system when I click on the icon. The computer is in use everyday and is rarely turned off. F-Secure reports that the latest update has been installed and as I previously stated I have manually actioned…
  • Same problem. Received a message via Windows own notification system telling me there was a problem with my Anti Virus, on checking I find this message from F-Secure Safe "Your computer is not fully protected" + "Virus Protection is not up to date" + "Check for latest update" why I don't know, it's supposed to check and…
  • I did as I stated in my original comment, it made no difference.
  • Thank you for your reply. My concern was it was not convenient for me to renew at the time the Reminder Pop-Up displayed and having clicked Postpone did not then expect the Pop-Up to keep displayed every few seconds getting in the way of what I was doing. I fully appreciate the excuse that this is a Windows 10 problem but…
  • Having the same problem which is really beginning to wind me up, I've turned off notifications within Windows 10 options but to no avail and there is no option within F-Secure itself. Been getting the reminder for it must be about two weeks and now this annoying Pop-Up whilst I am trying to get on with my work. I fully…