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  • Hello iNVOKE, We'll start investigating the issue on our end, however it might take some time before we'll come up with a solution. Of course both options you mentioned are still available to you; a) As a workaround you can always submit new binaries to us (I understand it's time consuming to deliver them to us every time…
  • Hello richardclark, Could you open a support ticket about this issue (remember to add an FSDIAG diagnostics file)?
  • Hello ChristianG, Sorry for the late reply! I'm assuming you're talking about firewall autoselection feature. I'm suggesting the following configuration: 1) Define your internal networks' DHCP and DNS servers as argument1 and argument2 and make the rule to set the firewall level to (more relaxed) firewall level. (this is…
  • Hello TWONG, If you really want to run a scheduled scan for that specific location, I would suggest running the scan locally at the computer responsible for the share. If the shared location is from some NAS solution, then there's really no good way to scan it. However, files are still being checked by Real-Time Protection…
  • Hello All, The list of included extensions is currently what we believe to be relevant. It's possible that we'll update the list when we release new service release. However, the list of included extensions is channel updateable by us (relevant mostly for Real-Time Scanning). You can of course always scan all files with…
  • Hello all, We haven't seen this happening before, however if you manage to reproduce the problem I suggest you open a support ticket detailing what site you were visiting and/or what application did you run.
  • Hello daveelsy, Have you opened a support ticket about the issue? If not, please do so. We'd most likely need also the FSDIAG -diagnostics file in order to investigate the problem a bit closer. Contacting support: Creating FSDIAG:…
  • Hello, Opening the support ticket would be the best course of action right now for this specific problem, the instructions are above (NikK's post.) @NikKthe subscription page should just show how many installation are in use (and how many installations does the license permit, as normal products would.) If the license type…
  • Hello Raoul, To my knowledge we haven't changed and/or corrected anything on our end. However, if I understood correctly, you're now able to use our products normally? If that's the case I think this thread can be considered as solved?
  • Legitimate applications are classified as such. We of course aim to detect possible dropper components used. (In case of malicious activity.)
  • Hello thenden, The temporary files are removed in cycles, it might take a couple of new updates for the directory to be cleaned, but it will be cleaned out eventually. There's no way around this, unfortunately.
  • Hello Simon, F-Secure products will actively try to block malware from doing something harmful to the system. However, for the question you asked; there isn't really other solutions than to disconnect the drive.
  • Hello muzz, Is it possible to get a FSDIAG -diagnostics file from your computer? You can submit it to us via creating a support ticket at: Instructions on how to generate the diagnostics file can be found from:…
  • Hello Darrenwigan, Could you specify a bit more what is the issue you're having with F-Secure software?
  • Hello All, To me it looks like there are a couple of different problems reported so far to this thread (and at least some have found a working solution already.) So - if there's still somebody there who hasn't been able to install F-Secure on their computer(s) - I'd advice to open a support ticket at:…
  • Hello elar, Have you turned on the Safe contacts -feature? You can see which calls and messages Safe contacts has blocked in the block history. To view which calls and messages Safe contacts has blocked, follow these instructions: 1. In the main (F-Secure) view select Settings. 2. Select Safe contacts from the settings…
  • Hello JazzaG, The product does not have time limits regarding the parental control feature.
  • >I tried to import the policy file on the client as you told me but I got this message: >F-Secure Management Agent: The file C:\Windows\TEMP\~avtemp.bpf did not pass signature verification. The message basically means that the host policy file has been signed with a different admin keypair than what the client expects.…
  • Reboot will happen if the infection is considered as being "system wide infection." There's no way to prevent the reboot. However, this really only happens if the offending file is located in for example Windows installation directory.
  • Hello boboboi, Client Security 11.50 is not currently working properly together with fsdbupdate9.exe. We'll currently working on making them work together properly. I'll let you know once we have more details regarding the issue.
  • Hello boboboi, You cannot change anything afterwards. The clients you've already started upgrading with the settings to restart automatically, will do so (unless you cancel the upgrade process, which is most likely already done at this stage.) This is a one-time setting you need to choose when either exporting the…
  • Hello Laurent83, I wasn't able to locate your support ticket from our ticketing system. Can you post the SR ID number from the autoreply you received via email when you opened a ticket towards us?
  • Hello cango, I suggest you open a support ticket about the issue. Please include the FSDIAG diagnostics file, and in the problem description area could you perhaps include the Ajax call you're trying to execute?
  • Hello Martin, I'd suggest you open up a support ticket about the issue together with an FSDIAG so we could take a closer look at it.
  • Hello NikK, It's not only about connections, if the program behaves suspiciously, execution is also blocked. Every not known good executable is being monitored by DeepGuard regardless if it's a service or not.
  • This sounds pretty much normal behavior. I suppose you have the Windows 8.1 installed onto a SSD drive?
  • Both Internet Security and Anti-Virus suite use the exact same technology. In Internet Security we're also integrating the cloud based detection with Windows Firewall (for generating automatic firewall rulesets.) Hope this clarifies the situation.
  • Hello teiafer, If you haven't received any replies yet from the lab, I suggest you resubmit the sample and during the process make sure you fill in the description field with additional details. (Otherwise you will only get scan results of the file)
  • Hello Smith, Your personal AV and Firewall suite, F-Secure Internet Security 2014 for example, should keep you safe from unwanted content. However if you want to be absolutely certain that the installer is not tampered with, I suggest you download it from the manufacturers website, preferably over HTTPS. There are ways to…