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  • I did my purchase a bit after the official launch, so not a preorder. Cannot recall the exact month, but was happy to get my money back. I also got a message of getting subscription extended, not sure what that means for me, but we'll see. I feel sorry for FSec, trying so hard but failing to meet the expectations. Seems…
  • Hi, I finally selected Asus RTN88U as it runs with Merlin and my old 56U has been working well. It has been great to finally do configs I want.
  • I'm happy to report I got my money back in full and my new router is fully operational. While I understand the goals of F-Secure, the feeling of having setup web access (SSL), OpenVPN server, traffic analytics, web site history, reporting in threat protection, remote syslog abilities, configuration backup and lots more…
  • Thank you for the response. I'm still not convinced and after considering the market, I have selected to go with Asus-model. They provide sufficient management abilities, wide variety of out-of-box abilities and options to configure my own security settings. They were quicker to offer a pacthed firmware for Krack than…
  • It does not even have a guest wifi or VPN server. How on earth would it suddenly have features from 500 € + price range when it is missing even the sub 100 € features?
  • I think the can try to brand it for Gigantti or Elisa etc, but then the direction is to keep it very basic and sell it to masses. You can pretty much forget more adavanced features and they will just try to get the investment back. Or perhaps all the development is in Sense 2.0, where the USB will actually do more than…
  • Agree. The asking price is way too much and the likelyhood of ever getting the features is reducing day by day. Seems that they just try to bury the product and get over with their life. Renew all of current Sense owners subscriptions for one more year for free: This is a good idea to compensate for the lost time waiting…
  • "The SENSE development roadmap is evolving as we take user feedback, market data and our plans into consideration and balance those for a comprehensive set of features to be developed." As a user, I am evaluating the lack of fatures, clarity on the direction and constantly comparing your product to others in the market. I…
  • Noticed also the same with Skype, status was on/off. Wired connection all the way, no NATting, 100/10 line. Issues started when starting to use Sense. After changing my DNS to 9.99.9, no more issues. 
  • Which is why people are installing MS and Android updates as well... 
  • F-Secure, if you want to stay at consumer business and be profiled as a high security vendor, you have to invest also to the communication and response. Was this a surprise to you guys that people will start asking a) if they are safe b) release notes c) official response d) actual update? Please take a look at the list…
  • I would like to see a specific statement or update change log, where the CVE's are listed. 
  • I also have the same problem, with Asus RTSC56U and OpenVPN, not able to see my IP cams or NAS. No iOS devices, so I cannot even forward the ports. While it's holiday season, I am hoping F will soon update Android.