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  • So I say the engines are the same, and the development of their own and with these engines all have different triggers.What I wrote about the download of malicious files,I meant that it misses and it is not a false positive, namely the skip.So I think developers need something to think about, of course the settings for me…
  • As an example, I give vendors with minimal false positive and higher detection: BitDefender, Kaspersky,Avira, Emsisoft, ESET, Bulgard -it is better ,it is worse.And I'm talking about the leading vendors,I personally tested each and I know what I'm talking about.For this product I will say that there are problems in the…
  • The leading vendors of anti-virus products false positives are reduced to almost zero, detection of viruses, encoders is several times higher than that of this product, and this product climbs due to false positives, i.e. it eliminates everything that is suspicious to it .This is not correct, because an inexperienced user…
  • Hey! Independent laboratories have been confirming false positives of the anti-virus for years, and the developers will not eliminate them.BitDefender he about no virus either,no Avira,but Norton the same thing about a bunch.
  • Greetings! Unpacked files was not too much, and there was a failure of the antivirus, the OS was working in the normal mode and without any braking. And the antivirus failure occurred, because. viruses got into the PC, after the restart of the system the antivirus began to detect them. Antivirus should not fail at boot,…
  • Thanks for the answer! But from the experience of my and other users, the antivirus scans better from under the program, supposedly with the help of the right button, plus if I need to scan a certain folder in the system, in the depth of the disk, it is certainly more convenient for me to go inside the antivirus,…
  • I completely agree with you that the antivirus must have its own firewall and hips, this is the complex protection. And the fact that the firewall is strong, well, it's not true. He was never this and will not be, he became a little better and no more. And companies that refuse this, I think they just do not want to bother…