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  • Hi, VPN is not turned on. As I did not use it when testing F-Secure Router Check. And still getting Amber or Yellow instead of Green indication. There must be something wrong with Cloudflare DNS.
  • Hi, At my end, i use the cloudflare dns in my router configuration to do the f-secure router check. Somehow it still get a Yellow colour. I did not have any VPN network turned on my Wifi Router. There seems to be a problem with cloudflare dns.
  • Please take note that macos have release a newer version 11.5.1.
  • Hi Lucaseuropa and Tunplu. I have read the blog from Malwarebytes. The Silver Sparrow can be infected both M1 Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs.. Malwarebytes claimed that Malwarebytes for mac able to detect the Silver Sparrow for mac. See the details below.…
  • You can try Anti DDOS Guardian. But it will last for 5 days. Firstly check your computer with Hitman Pro, Emsisoft Emergency and Malwarebytes for second opinion scan. With full scan. Disable your Remote Assistant, Remote Desktop and SSH on Windows 10. Disable the service.…
  • Please check your computer if there is any spybot, malware, viruses that is still infected to your computer. With second opinion scan. You will require Sophos Hitman Pro. To do testing a scan on your computer. See if it detects anything on your computer.…
  • Third party firewall will not protect any form of DDOS attacks as far as i know. You can try the registry hack on your windows but that too will not help to prevent any DDOS attacks. Your wifi router too will not help. But first you need to update your wifi router firmware. Check to see if they have any feature that has…
  • Try the Objective-See Netiquette from this link to check the network.
  • Or try CleanMyMac. Download and click for Malware options from CleanMyMac app. *** Please take note to uninstall the Adobe Flash for both MACOS and Windows as there is no support ***
  • Hi Firstly, I do not know what your brand of your wifi router. You are using currently. I suggesting to update your Wifi router firmware. Which A Must that many users did not update their Wifi Router Firmware. Make sure they are up to date. After updating the Wifi router update, do a reset to wifi router and reconfigure…
  • Add ons of Catalina??? Conflict with F-Secure??? I have no idea..... what is it all about? Can you explain to me....
  • It could have been that you computer might be hacked by someone. Or your security settings on your computer is not optimum. Be sure that your wifi router firmware is up to date. By going to your router settings and update the latest firmware. And turn on the firewall in your router. Or that there is a possibility that your…
  • Windows !0 buiid 1903 Enable Registry Backup. --------------------------------------------------…
  • Hi I checked again. F-Secure Beta web site is still down. Can you please check. I getting 404 now. 
  • Important Note ------------------ Hi All, Before doing any Windows updates make sure you back up all your files. Always wait for weeks to update before proceeding as Microsoft tends to get a lot of problems and hassels at their end. Any important Documents files from your Microsoft Office,Photoshop,Lightroom,Games, etc…
  • Hi I cannot access to the F-Secure BETA site to due this error .... This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Try:* Checking the connection * Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUTCheck your internet connection.Check any cables and reboot any routers, modems, or other…
  • Hi Today Beta F-Secure site is totally down again. 
  • Hi Laksh, You're welcome! To All:- Don't forget to update your iphone, ipad, ipod, apple watch, appletv, MacOS or Mac OS X which Apple already release their new security updates now. Check here for details.
  • On Android phones .... Download ESET free from Google Play Update and DO A FULL SCAN Download Dr Web for Light free from Google Play Update and DO A FULL SCAN Download Kaspersky from Google Play Update and DO A FULL SCAN Download Sophos from Google Play Update and DO A FULL SCAN
  • For Macs OS X.... Download Malwarebytes for Mac....for free Do a full scan . ... Download Bitdefender ... DO A FULL SCAN on your computer.... If you are infected with other stuff.... Try Macscan Securemac....for SPYWARE on MAC ONLY....
  • Hi Ben, Been so busy lately. Tied up with endless Microsoft Windows 10 beta testing! I've got too many headaches...I've got people keep destroying my Computer!
  • For Mac
  • Hi Android... Go to safe mode... Go to Settings ... Apps .... uninstall the infected or suspicious program... Check this link:-…
  • Hey Ben, just amoment ago I cannot seems to be able to login to my account. I have to keyin the Captcha inorder to login straight right in to the Commuity account.
  • Other updates! (Since Nov 2015!)…
  • Security Installation of Mac OS X 10.11 El-Capitan
  • I think, it's the F-Secure software that are having issues with Mac OS X El-Capitan 10.11.1.... Have you download the latest version? Have you check with the tech support ?
  • For a Mac, I suggesting to give a Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac and Avira or AVG or Bitdefender. some say Avast!…
    in Tips! Comment by Rusli October 2015
  • Note:- If none of the above method works... You need to format and reinstall Windows back again. But before you do anything. Back up all your data, programs first before you do any Windows recovery or Windows reinstall.
  • Your welcome! What ever you do. Just make sure that all those sharing options are disable! And not to mention. Key in those commands which I send you via private mail. Turn on your Firewall! Use Little snitch to monitor the connections!