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  • Thanks Milka for the response! Thanks for creating a ticket for the long response times. Yeah, I've set the perPage to "max" which should be 200 if the manuals are correct :) That statistics page sounds like an awesome plan, I'll try to look into that and create some async batch action to get this going faster! Cheers…
  • Yeah thats what I thought, I can ofcourse manage to parse them in several ways, but just wanted to make sure this was like it was meant to be. If we plan on making some feature using these, then I'll do it with some other way :) Thanks Milka!
  • Hey Milka, From PSB Management API, PSB Management API - Seat Usage Report /companies/123/reports/seat-usage It's ok if it's meant to be that way, but still feels a bit weird that you've got timestamps as property names... I can manage with it and just ignore it but would be nice to view history of the license counts to…
  • Thanks for the update Mika! The timings sounds a bit better now!
  • Sounds fair!
  • Hey Laksh, thanks for replying. In the previous version the installation returned without doing anything special. With this new version it does for some reason hang the execution process id or something that "-Wait" parameters waits to return (some exit code I guess) And to actually answer your question: Yes, if I stop the…
  • Thanks Petri!
  • Alright! Seems fair. We actually changed the user to full rights as it feels more proper than using my own account. Good that it's being fixed!