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  • I discovered the issue and is not connected to f-secure. environment existed in the kaspersky product and own uninstaller product leaves litter the registers and locks the resource. there are other people with the same problem as you can see in the link: as it was a new…
  • Hello Laksh, I found that the problem is not only with skype, what is happening after that implement f-secure environment in the webcam stopped working, as if he would remove the drivers / software configuration. The article below talks about something related to this virus, it has something to do?…
  • Thanks for the reply Laksh, but there are several versions of the application, I have to release all or only one he will already know the rest? or I'll release all?
  •  Vad, This setting was made, but he does not find any file dropped. or am I not looking at the correct log. the product version is 11.60. the file I am checking is the "action" that is in the folder C:\, configured the same way in the log settings.
  • Federico, These settings were passed through the support of the cloud contracted service, unfortunately I know that theoretically this information does not comunicacam, but this is how your setup works. There is the possibility to configure the software with the proposed configuration in the post? best regards, Marlon…
  • I think I must be a server problem, because even getting it to download the sidegrade it aborts the installation, is there anything that can check the health of my server, log or some tool? 1 D48 14/08/25 18:22:25 AUA bwstate file 'C:\ProgramData\F-Secure\FSAUA\temp\bwstate.sidegrade_10207192' 1 D48 14/08/25 18:22:25 AUA…
  • thanks for the reply Vad, My situation is as follows, I have an environment with 200 machines with kaspersky 6 workstation and was made ​​a new installation with the latest versions of PMS on a windows server 2008. When I install the agents it generates an error in the last phase of installation "removing temporary files".…
  • Hi Federico I renomiei files and the return was: .......T. /etc/opt/f-secure/fssp/fssp.conf ....L.... /opt/f-secure/fssp/lib/ .M....... /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/aqualnx32.0 .M...U... /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/aqualnx32.0/ .M....... /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/fmlibunix.0…
  • Hi Federico, cd /var/opt/f-secure/fssp/databases/ aqualnx32.1407399202 dbupdate_signaling.lock fmlibunix.1406711097 orsplnx32.0 db.lock dynamic-license hydralinux.1407316850 thanks!
  • Sorry Federico, but I did not.
  • Excellent Federico Actually the error was referring to an outdated kernel. but falls into a similar process with another question I have. I installed all the libraries as described in the procedure, ask if the installation it will say is that with the latest version, but in the fsdiag log it shows me that has a lot of…
  • Hi Federico, I do not know what to do, already rebooked the procedure several times, already reinstalled the solution in the way that you put in the forum but does not work. the procedures below is after doing that suggested in other posts. Installation completed successfully. Starting F-Secure Linux Security modules…
  • Hello Federico, follows the result of the process, redid the whole installation validei all requested in the pre-installation document libraries, ran the command you sent, but the error persists. [[email protected] ~]# /opt/f-secure/fsav/bin/fsav-compile-drivers Compiling dazuko driver for kernel version 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64…