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  • I have looked but I have not found anything.
  • I have not enabled their Chrome and Firefox plugins because it keeps closing sites that I have used for years. I only enable the banking setting when I do my banking. I leave it switched off because with it on it refuses to open sites that I have been visiting for years. I am tired of having to continuously post false…
  • It deleted the file from my external drive. It never asked me what I wanted to do with it which is extremely annoying. As I mentioned in my original post I found it in a zip file on my desktop.
  • Hi Yes I know about that option but that means that I have to manually paste it into the puzzle program's directory. I do not see why I need to do that. With last week's puzzle I downloaded it, disconnected from the net, deactivated F-Secure, ran the installer and once it was installed I reactivated F-Secure.
  • Hi Laksh Thank you for the update. Regards Philip
  • Hi Simon Yes I did try chat. The bloke I chatted to was unable to assist me. He suggested I go to the enhancement page which I did. I logged a suggestion:…
  • Good morning I received the email below. F-Secure I am unable to mark any of the rsponses I received as a solution. I do not regard renewing my subscription before the due date as a solution. Therefor I am unable to mark this issue as solved. I will only be able to do that when the F-Secure developers provide us, its'…
  • Hello FlyingDutchman I agree with you that should only receive a notification two weeks before it expires. They should just send you an email. I do not see why I must renew my subscription early just to get rid of a very annoying nag screen.
  • Hi Simon The normal one. Regards Philip
  • Hi Ukko Yes postpone/disable/stop it are the options that I would expect the screen to have. Regards Philip
  • Hi Simon It always displays at least once a day. Depending on how long I am connected to the internet it displays more than once. This is random though but still annoying. Regards Philip
  • Hi Nanonyme To the best of my knowledge they are the agents for F-Secure in South Africa. They sell the same genuine product which you can purchase direct from F-Secure. When I pay for my subscription the receipt and licence document has the F-Secure logo also it has links to various web pages on the F-Secure sight. The…
  • Hi Ukko Yes I want to stop it from displaying. It should have a tick box that can be selected that says 'Tick to stop displaying this message' or something similar. It pops up everytime I connect to the internet and numerous times during the day. F-Secure should and must give you the option of being able to stop it from…
  • The F-Secure Security Labs Unblocked it. It is working fine now. Regards Philip