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  • The original user account was a Microsoft account and it was admin. Then it got changed to a local account - still admin. I then reverted it back to a Microsoft account (still admin). I added myself as a microfost account and set myself to admin. I set my sons account to normal. Then I logged in using my sons account .....…
  • I screwed up - I actually changed his account to a local account instead of adding a new one. This has caused a new problem. I changed his account back to a Microsoft account and added my account now as Admin. Then changed my sons account to Normal. But, although my son is a normal user, there is still a link to the local…
  • why is this post showing as 'Solved' - it certainly isn't solved.
  • Today I got the chance to add an admin account to the laptop. No problem. I now have a new account. So I went to control panel to remove the admin permission of my childs account and it is no longer there. There is only one account on the laptop now. And there is no way to login as another user. This is a little bit…
  • My childs account is the only one on the laptop (I suspect many people have the same setup) so he will be administrator. So I need to add another account (myself as admin) and then change my son's account type. I can understand the need for this but I am also frustrated. I thought the need for a password to set the config…
  • SOLVED It turns out that the Family Rules can only be setup on CHILD devices. I had installed as a normal user on my childrens laptops. I uninstalled and then re-installed as a Children's device. The Family Rules option is now available on their accounts. Thanks