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  • Hi TomS, it is not possible to make the longer without us changing the products itself. How long would you like it to be? If this is also important to other users, please lets us know in this thread about your interest and tell us how long would you like it to be. And please also provide some information on use cases where…
  • Hei, after 1½ years of thinking ;-), we are finally bringing the gaming mode to IS releases. First version of the gaming mode was released today in ISTP release 79. So if you want to try it out go to and install the ISTP 79 release. Petri
  • Hi, without the logs, it is bit hard to say anything for sure. For some reason it has managed to run the Launch Pad self-upgrade (CCF Basic TP54 package), but failed to continue rest of the upgrades. One most likely reason is that some of the latebound (localizations, customizations, helps, settings, ...) installations…
  • Hi, for the ISTP users we just published the release 54, which will bring this support + support for the Firefox 11 beta. Petri
  • Hi, these processes have functionality that is needed. We have just moved that functionality to be handled by other processes. Petri
  • Hi, new TP48 release that was just released fixes this problem. Petri
  • Additional note about the Windows 8 support. Unfortunately this release still doesn't support installing to Windows 8 developer preview. We are already testing internally the Windows 8 functionality and it is well in alpha stage already. But we don't want to start releasing it publicly before we get all our internal test…
  • Hi, as announced today, we will convert the IS2012 beta program automatically to next ISTP program. All existing beta users will be automatically converted to new ISTP program. This time we will continue the ISTP program with all the users, but users are required to use the portal for submitting…
  • Hi, as announced today, we will convert the IS2012 beta program automatically to next ISTP program. You will be receiving new versions through it and we won't revoke any of the licenses. On the Windows 8 support: this new ISTP program will bring it at some point. Current plans put it somewhere in November-December time…
  • Hi, WFP stands for Windows Filtering Platform done by Microsoft. It is a way to intercept the network traffic on Vista and Windows 7 and we are using it do the content filtering for Online Safety. When the driver is unloaded the Web Filter feature of Online Safety cannot work. Petri
  • @StarFerret wrote: Today's update didn't do me any good! Hi StarFerret, sorry to hear that 43 still did not help with your problem. We know a one bigger issue which is most likely causing this problem (and many similar) and we are working on getting it fixed. Could you help in confirming that your problem is really caused…
  • @bardok206 wrote: What with the option of storing programs in the firewall if they are not trusted? When I start messenger every timeI ask for permission call. Where is the option of marking that we did not ask about the program? Is now every time I have to manually enter in the options and add your application? Or is it…
  • Hi all, this has the same root problem as what is causing the problem in thread "Computer Security Reports that it is Turned Off". We know already how to fix it, but due to unexpected problems with creating the hotfix, it is not yet fully ready. We will release the hotfix for both of these problem tomorrow. Petri
    in manual Scan Comment by Petri August 2011
  • Hi, unfortunately we ran into a problem with the hotfix, so we could not get it fully finalized today. Therefore we will release the hotfix tomorrow. Petri
  • Hi, thank you for reproting this issue. We now know where the problem is, and we are trying to get a hotfix released tomorrow to fix the problem. Petri
  • @yaslaw wrote: Since installation of FIS I had several bsod. I belive (but I'm not 100% sure) that they FIS related. My minidump are here: Hi, I've taken the dumps from there and moved them to our bug handling, so we will check if they reviel something. We also just released the…
    in BSOD Comment by Petri August 2011
  • Hi Nmousedk, we dropped the Health Check from launch pad as having a separate web application on the local launch pad did not work that well for everyone. Link to Health Check is still available from the Computer Security help menu. Petri
  • Hi Nmousedk, thank you for this positive feedback about the beta. It is really nice the hear it too and not just the bug reports . Petri
  • Hi, quick update on the FF5 support: it is included to R38 of the IS2012 Beta, which we will release tomorrow (Thursday) at some point. Petri
  • Hi Charlie, we just introduced the reset subscription functionality to be available under "Resources -> Tools -> Subcription Reset" in the IS2012 Beta Centercode portal. You can use this to reset the status of the subsctions and then it is like new subscription. Petri
  • Hi, unfortunately that reset form doesn't work for people who have registered through the Beta registration. We are trying to get it fixed really soon, so that you can start using it. Petri
  • Yes, this is the correct place to do that. Petri
  • Hi, unfortunately for IS2012 beta / TP program FF5 support won't arrive on 8th of July as it is using totally different architecture. We hope to get it released in TP38 (in 2 weeks time) or latest TP39 release (in 4 weeks time). TP37 planned to be released this week won't have it yet. Petri
  • Hi, If you are using the IS2012 beta / TP36, you cannot protect settings with password. In the new product all settings are going to be protected by Windows user access control. So to have protection, you need to have UAC enabled and use different windows user accounts as you protect all windows settings too. Petri
  • Hi Aaron, Aaron wrote: Firewall causes major problems for me. Blocks items and slows down many others. Biggest issue is streaming video where the firewall blocks it completely in Normal - so I turned the firewall completely off as I cound not find any rules that allowed it to work proerly and I don't have time to tinker…
  • Hi Aaron and Mothballs, can I still just verify that did you have these issues with F-Secure IS2011 or with the Technology Preview TP3#? With the new Technology Preview, we have 1 confirmed error where user cannot get the firewall to work properly without changing to "Allow all" profile. But I'm not aware of other "total…
  • Hi, I just tried to reproduce the problem on several different Vista test images here, but did not succeed. But that wasn't a suprise as the problem happens in winsxs folder, which content depends totally on what you happen to have installed on your computer. So to help us forward, could you try to see, if there are some…