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  • Hi jka14, thanks for the heads up! I passed this information internally. We will look into it. Thanks for the feedback.
  • Hello clouseau, Just an idea. When the clients are unable to connect to the PMS they, by default, fall back to our servers. it could also be clarifying to check that the clients can connect to the PMS on the designated ports. Just for the sake of testing.
  • Hello Xerowolf, You can check the license status on the Settings menu.When you open the app you should see a three horizontal lines icon. If you click there and the Subscription it will show you the status and the subscription ending date. Please check this and make sure it is as it should.
  • Hi brownguy, A slower connection is normal while connected to Freedome since the data is redirected to different locations. Can you try to connect Freedome to the US location and test the speed? Then connect to other location, for instance Finland, and test the speed too. This should bring some light into this situation.…
  • Hi gbpackergold, Unfortunately the subscriptions cannot be transfered from one store to another yet. We're working on changing that in the future but we don't have the details on that yet. What you need to do now is to cancel the yearly subscription from the Apple iTunes (if you're no longer using Apple devices where you'd…
  • Hello redcounts, You can use Freedom with Mobile Security, this way your mobile connections and the information stored on your phone will be protected.
  • Hello Arcadian and Pedro, have you guys opened a ticket with our Support team? Is the issue solved or do you have any news about it?
  • Hello Sindy, The issue about the Antivirus not present on your computer could have been provoqued by an old virus definitions, lack of update or malfunctioning of the services. Normally, as you did, a reinstallation would fix these issues as will install everything from scratch and force an update once finished. I'm glad…
  • Hi TheBugChaser, Did this problem dissapeared after you disabled or changed the settings on the AdGuard program? Let us know if you find something else. And thanks for updating!
  • Hi Jeff, NikK is right. The supported platforms are Windows 8.1 / 8.1 Pro, Windows 8 / 8 Pro, Windows 7 (all editions), Windows Vista (SP2), Windows XP (32-bit, SP3 or later).
  • Hey jom, thanks for the update. It's useful for possible future similar cases.
  • Hi claesjens, for this I think the best option is to open a case with Support at Anyway, I suggest you a workaround over here. When you say "I have a virtual machine with the same server, and when I try to upgrade from PM 9.0 to PM 10.0, it works." I…
  • Hi jom, does it show any errors? Do you get to the part in where it asks for the profiles or not even that? Also please make sure that you are running the latest update and let us know the version of Freedome you have installed on your iPad.
  • Hello Laddu, as Simon said please open a case with Support. We need to collect some information from you and we can't do that here in a public place.
  • Hi GeoJon, Does this happen only when you open certain Excel files, or also if you open the EXE file directly? Did you allow the file on DeepGuard? If not, you can do it by opening the GUI, clicking on Settings, then DeepGuard (left side list) and then at the bottom on "Open list of monitored applications" Check if the exe…
  • Hello secar, could you provide more information about this? Maybe apps that behave like this, some proof of it and so on? We'll contact our developers about this issue, but we need something solid to present them with. Thanks!
  • Hello Jagge, the brand doesn't really matter as the main problem here is the firmware and the kernel used in the ROM. If the vendor would, for any reason, decide that they don't want to enable the VPN feature on their version of Android, there is nothing to do about it. It's simply not there. You can check this link to see…
  • Hi Niktil, Can you confirm the Freedome version you are running? Also, are you running a stock Android version or a modified ROM? Check if there is an update pending. If the issue is with the installation an update could fix it. If not, try to delete the data, remove the app and install it again.
  • Hi casaIT, if what you need is an installer you can import the jar to the Policy Manager console and esxport it as an MSI file. Please check the admin guide that was posted on the previous message.
  • Hi Richtex, please try to remove the installation and reinstall the version for which you have the license again. Best is to use our Uninstallation tool You can find the tool and Readme instructions here: If after this you still face the issue, collect an…
  • Hi Dmitry, just to correct the link as it added the ")." characters at the end and it fails when clicked. Correct link:
  • Hi ZiPPu, Maybe you can follow the instructions on these links about creating firewal rules and how to open ports. Some general information…
  • Hi cvitre23, for this cases the best is to go to our analysis portal register an account and upload the false positive. Our malware guys will gladly analyze it and, if it is safe, white liste it in the following virus definitions updates.
  • Hallo Meister_Knobi, Please try this to reset the password of your Policy Manager: 1. Close Policy Manager Console, Stop Policy Manager Server service. 2. Run the following bat file> C:\Program Files\F-Secure\Management Server 5\bin\reset-admin-account.bat and enter new password. 3. Once done, restart Policy Manager Server…
  • Hello MakLeo, I am afraid that this is not officialy supported. H2DB is only to be used with Policy Manager. Any other way of accesing it could result in damage and data loss and it is not possible to ensure we would be able to recover the info.
  • Hi waver1der, Freedome is intended to protect your privacy while browsing and also to protect your traffic by blocking virus, harmful sites and tracking attempts. Adds on websites are not considerated as such, and are a legitimate way for websites to generate revenue. Have Google as an example with their Google adds.
  • Hi Rusly, thanks for the information. I will pass these links to my colleagues at malware, I'm sure they will make a good use of it. Thanks!
  • Thanks a lot thewalshter! We appreciate this possitive feedback. Please, come back here if you discover something not working quite alright. Thanks again!
    in Mac Antivirus Comment by Pekko June 2014
  • Hi Hamsalad, in this case this looks like it needs to be done via GPO and force the browser to use a http proxy server. A client firewall pretty much only allows or denies traffic, it doesn't route it. This is a useful link to a Microsoft article on how to force the proxy settings on clients via GPO.…
  • We have experienced an issue with our backend servers during a data center migration. The issue affected clients in the USA and prevented from key validation and updates. This has now been confirmed to be fixed by several clients. Please try it again and let us know if is now working OK for you guys.