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  • I use MS Outlook as my email client. In facct I use MS Office 2007 home edition so Outlook, Word, Excel but no powerpoint
  • I have raised a support ticket
  • I haven't treid disabling individual components. But then the problem disappeared when I disabled Computer Security so I assume it must be that component.
  • The problem mainly occurs with copying and pasting a web page URL into a forum page Yes I use Word and I have norticed that if I copy a URL from a web page, then open Word (2007), and try to paste the result, it fails. No to EMET and Malawarebytes etc I have f-Secure 2014 only
  • Disabling all security features seems tpo have fixed the problem. But I can't leave it like that. I am intrigued though why this problem exists on my win 8 machine but not my win 7. If it was f-secure that was causing the problem I'd expect it to be the same there too? And if it is unique to win 8 why is it not a known…
  • Nope - f-secure is all I have. Windows Defender is turned off.
  • Thanks NikK that's a useful find. But it's close but no cigar. My PC doesn't do that, although I found another interesting variation on the theme. Copy a URL from browser, open MS Word to paste and zilch.
  • Thanks for the prompt reply. I get it on IEX too. But I don't get it on a win 7 machine ruuning Chrome and f-secure. My suspicion is it's a win 8 undocumented feature. I am seriously considering paying whatever it costs to install win 7 on the troublesome PC