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  • Hi, When are you planning on adding the "Right Click Scan" option in the context menus? It is very inconvenient to do a custom scan every time.
  • Hi, I have to admit, F-Secure Betas are more stable than some other well known AV suites that I have used. Good job. I just have a few GUI related issues to report for now. 1.) I have a HiDPI screen (4K) and I use Windows 10 with 200% scaling. While most of the F-Secure GUI scales pretty well, The SCAN screen (when I do a…
  • Hi, Thanks for the confirmation on that. So DeepGuard 5 build 593 is basically Deepguard 6! I was just curious looking at the version and build number. Any exact details as to how Deepguard 6 is different from version 5. I have seen the whitepaper but was wondering if there is any thing in more detail. Thanks.
  • Hi, I saw this "" a while ago and was wondering when would Deepguard 6 see the light of the day. The "On the fly behaviour analysis optimisations" and suitable for modern Operating systems (I am hoping that Microsoft AMSI would be supported since…
  • Hi, When is the DeepGuard 6.0 going to be implemented in the F-Secure Safe and F-Secure Protection? Thanks. 
  • Thanks for the reply. Can you point me to any whitepaper/technical details of the various scanning and zero-day detection engines used by the F-Secure (Windows as well as the Mac version). I would love to see some technical details of the Hydra Engine as well as the other engines which are employed by the strongly capable…
  • Was this issue related to AV-Test and AV-Comparatives because this was not at all mentioned in their test report. Normally when they publish the results they do mention specific issues like this if any? I am new to F-Secure, but can you tell me more about this OSRP engine? Thanks.
  • The GUI is very weird at times as there are big buttons some places and really small check boxes at many places as well. This should be fixed in my opinion and you should just get rid of the check boxes and make them more like buttons. Also fix this issue with HiDPi soon. It is getting annoying now. The Scanning screen…
  • Hi, I was just testing this version with the basic testing at AMTSO website. It detected all the compressed malware formats except the "ACE" format. Can you look into it? Also what all scanning engines are used in this version and how is the protection when OFFLINE (i mean are the definitions stored locally on the Mac?)…