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  • I would like to add that not only is KEY constantly using around 10% CPU power when system auto-fill is on, it also affects typing in some apps. For me this is most notable in Slack, where typing is super laggy when I have KEY running, and not laggy at all when I quit KEY. System auto-fill is the key feature (pun intended)…
    in Key CPU hogging Comment by PA2 May 2017
  • Thanks will do! For anyone else reading this thread: for me (F-Secue Key version 4.5.5 on Android) the System Information lies under Help -> About -> System Information.
  • Hi, Actually my login screen looks differentt from that, see this screenshot: This is probably because I have a fingerprint sensor, but as I said, I think the "Lock after" option is much better. You can see it here in my settings screen:
  • Laksh, thanks for the quick reply. I think that article might be outdated, since it mentions "the box Remember my Master Password on this device" and I can not find such a "box", neither in the settings, nor on the main page of the app. Also, what would the point of the "Lock after" setting be, if it isn't used? I think…
  • I'll try again: Is there a fix planned for this issue? I use the system autofill feature for two reasons: the browser autofill does not work very well for me, and I have windows applications which I want to log in to. Which means, I can not turn it off, then I would need to find another password manager. But if I don't…
  • I just updated KEY from 4.3.something or 4.4.something to 4.5.107 (by downloading from your site, I can't see any update command in the program). Now I also have a very tiny font, in the previous version everything looked good. It's not a huge problem, and other apps (notably Eclipse) have this problem too. I run Windows…
  • But if you use the system autofill feature, this is not an option. As the OP asked: is there a fix planned?