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  • I understand that you can't support old OSes forever, especially OSes not supported by the manufacturer. It would be nice, however, if you would support iOS 12 until it is officially announced as EOL by Apple. I use KEY on an iPad Air (1st gen), and it's sad to see that I can't use KEY/ID Protection on a perfectly…
  • Thank you Ukko for your reply! I'd like to hear F-Secure's take on this, as I this is a very seriour problem which made me lose trust in the application. I also use KEY and immediately made an offline clear text export of the passwords. In my daughter's case I can't take a backup of her passwords before making any changes…
  • I'll try to get network dumps, so that you can see what is going on. The WLAN AP is a Zyxel SBG3600-N. I'm using that since it has better WLAN coverage than the SENSE. I also want to be able to dump data between the WLAN and the SENSE (for analytics and troubleshooting), which I can't if use the SENSE's WLAN. (I'd like to…
  • I forgot to mention in my original post, that both (or actually all) my devices are connecting through the LAN port on the SENSE via another WLAN AP, none is using the SENSE's WiFi. The OnePlus mobile phone got a different address when I connected it to the SENSE's WiFi, which was the only way I could get it to work. When…
  • I'm using the default setting of 150 addresses in the pool, and at the time there were maybe around 20 devices connected. 
  • Just got a connection failure with the Garmin watch... :-(
  • Thanks for the update! I've only tried twice, but both times my Garmin watch has been able to sync after the firmware upgrade. It was occationally (but very seldom) able to sync previously as well, so I can't be fully sure it is fixed, but it looks good so far.
  • Luckily I only have the issue with the Garmin watch, and I can sync it via Bluetooth, but it is still frustrating as that is not as convient as the WLAN syncing. I'm still pretty convinced that it is related to ARP, since if you look at my previous dump, the Garmin responds to ARP requests but SENSE continues to request…
  • When doing a DNS lookup with my iPad, I get a DNS reply: 10:10:59.038488 IP > 423+ A? (33)10:10:59.101232 IP > 423 3/9/9 CNAME, CNAME e8867.b.akama, A (441) So it's not…
  • For reference, here is the sequence of events, from staring to sync with the Garmin watch when it powers up the WiFi, to when it fails and then shuts down WiFi: 09:44:44.534582 14:8f:21:d8:0a:b6 (oui Unknown) > Broadcast Null Unnumbered, xid, Flags [Response], length 42: 01 0009:44:44.600589 IP >…
  • Now I once saw an ARP reply from the watch, even though there was the padding in the SENSE's ARP request, so that is probably not the problem. The watch still does not get DNS replies from SENSE, though. The connection once worked this morning, but unfortunately I did not dump the traffic then.
  • I believe the root cause is the ARP requests that SENSE sends. This seems to be a problem for embedded devices, and less of a problem for more high end equipment like PCs, tables and phones. The problem has been with a Bosch dishwasher, Garmin Fenix 5 watch, and maybe once with a Withings scale. I've seen that there are no…
  • Same here, I didn't have the iPad locked in landscape. It was just turned that way when launching the app the first time.
  • I had the same issue with my iPad Air when I initially started the SENSE app with the iPad turned in landscape. I then quit the app by swiping it away from the list of open apps, turned the iPad in portrait and started the SENSE app again. Then everything worked. Try that with your iPad Pro.
  • After a few hours it started working. I now have the dishwasher connected via another WLAN AP that is connected to the LAN side of the SENSE. Initially it was not able to reach the Home Connect cloud service that way either, but the direct local LAN connection between my iPad and the dishwasher worked. Later the cloud…