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  • Hello, Ben, My license is renewaled. Thanks for your help, appreciated. Here I have a suggestion for the forum: You can make one specifit subject like "license renewal request for FSP" by your manager, mention to let all users to post this renewal request by simply replying under it. I think it will be clear and easy to…
  • Today when I turn on my Win10 PC, I got one information from Microsoft about eigher renewal FSP or uninstall. After choosing renewal, I got the information about expiry. Pls let me know what should I do now, thanks:
  • Hi all, For recent days, the problem did not happen again so I can not attached any fsdiag file for you. Could you pls share any finding or possible result? Thank you.
  • Hi Ville, Well noted. I will make fsdiag for you next time I saw it as today until now I did not get unexpecting banking protection window. Noted about privacy concerns. Sorry for trouble, I will remember to use mosaic before posting. FYI, actually it is not any privacy concerns in the screenshot as it is only…
  • I think it is still too early to guess or expect what it will be for new version of FSP. Yes, we all have our own concerns, however, we also know it will always be difference between software developer and users. Let's just wait and see what it will be and be a tester as what we expected to do here. I really enjoy and…
  • Hi, Well noted, I will keep tracing it. Thanks for your information.
  • Thanks for your information. I got this problem for Win10 in early Aug. and had reported to you and tried to figure out the problem with you. While I tried to reproduced the problem about two weeks ago, it was solved without problem. Thank you for your efforts.
  • Hi, I am also a new comer here and just started FSP from this Monday. I just double checked again in my first email, yes, the same email with email/password for FS account. One thing I would like to remind you, did you find there is one big light blue icon with texts "Start using My FS Protection" in the bottom of this…