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  • Happens for both WiFi and cellular data. Only having this issue on the android device and no update has been done as far as I'm aware. Can try a reinstall of the VPN sure
  • version 1.4.3038.0   and its happens a little now and then as long as freedome is running on the computer but it almost always happens as soon as freedome start, but not always (im fine with that though but when it happens like 2 hours later....)
  • I would be suprised if they did not fix it but all things concidered, you are on a early beta where bugs are to be expected...   Normally new test builds of android comes out during google IO but this is way earlier so yeah, I doubt anyone had tim…
  • as I stated in   It sadly is against the Netflix term of service, even though you are not circumventing the geoblocking they cant distinguish that since t…
  • Fsecure probably wont help you with this since its against Netflix terms of service to use a proxy when using their service.    NO matter what you think of geoblocking (I hate it) they have to use it for legal reasons and when you bypass it with a…
  • to clarify, the error I get on the webpage is: ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED the launcher for that particular game will not state why it just states that it cannot connect
  • For me it seems like an intermittent issue. it comes and goes but I cant see any pattern on times so far (when it slows down and Im blocked on some sites I switch to another node)
  • It seems the Swedish node has more problems again with speed as well as noted here: Since it seems like a common issue perhaps it would be good to send some technici…
  • Getting similar results as simonleuf today as well...   When they fixed it before the speed was way better but its at least functional (before when this thread was created the speed was like 0)
  • Same for me on both phone and computer 😢