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  • Had the same problem and updating to the newer version helped. Thanks.
  • I noticed the same thing on my PC after I got win10.  In windows there is a setting for country and it specifically states that windows or apps may use this parameter to present local content.    The VPN protects your data traffic, but it does not…
  • Hi sunflower,   actually I had a similar issue with DR TV (a danish public TV channel provider).   My problem occured only in the Android app and it seems to b…
  • Hi all,   I have not been able to identify the  source of my problem, but here is what I found out so far:   1. all the IP validation services I tried with freedome active returned the correct country code = DK --> f-secures servers are locat…
  • Actually there is another possible cause of error. The service for IP geo validation used by may return an incorrect country code. Seems plausible and I will be able to verify this as soon as I get in touch with their support  
  • Hi guys   please write in english as your  thoughts may be valuable for all of us 😀   If my problem is caused by f-secure setup for DK and freedome is using a nonDK IP, this certainly should be fixed by f-secure. I'll do some testing on a PC nex…
  • I use to watch the series, but it's only an example for the videos not workout anymore. The mystery started a few days ago. If you choose "programmer" in the menu, you can see which videos are restricted and block for a VPN connection  eve…
  • IT depends on what you are trying to stream. Not all videos are restricted. Try f.ex  to search for "Nak & Æd - en and ved Randers fjord" I don't know whether the problem also exists on a PC  but I guess so.
  • you're right. Turning off tracking protection makes it possible to stream the videos again.  It's not a real solution for me though as I don't want to miss that protection, but I also noticed that more and more websites use that tracking via player…
  • Here's another example