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  • I'm having the same problem. If I turn Freedome on, it appears to work, but all traffic is blocked from my machine to the outside world. The program spins and connects, and all seems well, but then there is no actual connection. Webpages, including this one, 404, pings can't resolve the domain name, and even trying to ping…
  • One further thought on this thread: a spy-proof keyboard might be a good idea - it would scramble the letters and numbers so that CCTV can't be easily used to determine the inputs. It would also thwart acoustic and accelerometer based attacks, which are becoming common on smartphones.
  • anniem, If the scanner tool is telling you that there are 17000 files that it can recover, it would suggest that the wiper tool you used didn't do the job, despite taking all might to run. I think you should use the Fsecure tool to make sure they are wiped. It won't take very long - certainly not 12 hours!
  • This isn't something that would actually be a useful addition to your security. Imagine a list of all the banking sites, and a special flag that alerts to them every time you go to one, that then fires up some special software to interface with that site, and even enter the keys for you. It would be a dream target for…
  • Well, that was clear. What? Which product? F-Secure's, or someone else's? Indeed, which of F-Secure's products? What sort of tests? There are dozens. If you want to test the VPN, or the Firewall, you can use the standard tools built into every full OS. And if you don't know how to do that, a fancy tool won't help you.
  • I don't work for F-Secure, but I've got to ask, because your question is unclear: You've got it on your phone, you've got another phone, so why is it asking you to buy it again? Is that what you are asking?
  • If you want to ensure the security of your passwords, you could try going for Lastpass and using the 2 factor authentication. Costs a bit more (I don't personally use it, but it's $12 a year) but if you are that concerned, go for it. Can't be certain with Three Letter Agencies, but that will stop 99.9% of attackers cold.…
  • Bad luck then, as sadly the streaming service you are using, Skygo, has realised the Freedome IP isn't really a single person in Italy. This sometimes happens. What probably happened was too many people were connected from that IP, and they will have realised, and blocked it. There are other websites that allow you to do…
  • Ok, so now I know that it's a phone you are talking about rather than a PC. Android or iPhone? Is the internet working at all, when Fsecure is not running? When you start Fsecure, does it prompt you to trust the application? Is there any internet at all when Fsecure is running? On SIM data? On WIFI?
  • Basically, to ensure the integrity of the downloaded software update, the computers do checksumming, hashing and other checks. If the results don't tally with what they expect, then they will fail the install on purpose. Imagine if someone saw you using a clever VPN that stopped them spying on your traffic. Wouldn't it be…
  • No doubt this is long since sorted, but I'd suggest you stick with it. Scan your machine for anything that could be tampering with your settings. Malware often "protects" itself from changes that would break it, such as adding a VPN (which would change the network settings it relies on to reach it's Command & Control…
    in Now what? Comment by NKT December 2014
  • Tricky one. Nothing in life is as hard to be certain of as IT security, and can anyone stop a nation state, especially *your* nation state, from watching and monitoring you? Basically, adding a decent VPN is going to make life for those who would simply monitor your connection traffic much harder. Now they will have to…
  • I suggest you try switching which country it says you are in on the Freedome settings page, then take a look at a webpage such as which will hopefully tell you that you are in whatever country you picked. Assuming this works, now change your country back to Italy, and refresh the page.…
  • Mostly, you can leave it on. Reasons you might want to turn it off are things like: You have FTP/sFTP/SSH etc where the IP address you can connect from is already registered on the other end, so should match your home/work network You are using some form of geolocation service and want it to know where you are from your IP…