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  • Not the same version and the program usually informs me of an update. Still searching for an update on the Fsecure website. I find this update issue funny considering auto update was a problem in the past. Now I am not recieving any updates.
  • I can't take a screenshot. The progress happens too fast for me to snap a screenshot. It is F-Secure. The program shows a F-Secure configuration window for 1 second and then disappears. I've reinstalled F-Secure 3 times since this topic started and nothing has changed. I asked a friend who also uses F-Secure if they…
  • Windows 10 OS. I think my question title maybe wrong because windows doesn't show an installation window. I just assumed it was installing from the progress bar. It is a notification about some change to the configuration and shows a progress bar for a few seconds. Then the unlock screen appears for me to enter my master…
  • I must be dumb. What could possibly have precedence over program security?
  • I think the same thing happened to me after an update. The update installation turned off my browser autofill. Try this: F-Secure>Settings>General> Check box to "Enable Browser Autofill"
  • I agree. The neon purple background it hard on my eyes. I prefered the old black background.It was easier to view. F-secure Key needs more options for personalization.
  • Someone told me an option is to cancel my subscription, reinstall, and refuse all F-secure Key updates. Since no one has any other suggestions, this is a good option. Have a nice day.
  • Contact the retailer who sold you the phone. Only they can help you unlock your phone.
    in please Comment by Mickle May 2015
  • If I understand the question correctly, I think only your phone service provider can help you regain access to your mobile phone. If you want to regain access to F-secure Key, there is one way I know how. You need to have created and saved a "master password reset image" I think is the name. This is the only way to regain…
    in please Comment by Mickle May 2015
  • Apologies. I was using the wrong text program. I tried using Word Pad instead of Note Pad. The import worked. Thank you for the reply.