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  • Well it has not got any better, but as I have the phonefor another year will have to suffer. Seems there is no real answer
  • Android Version 4.1.1. would luv to get new phone, but as stated in 2 year contract and have a year to go
  • Yes to internet. Why is it only supporting certain levels when there are a lot of mobiles out there that arent at the level that Fing-Secure support will support. Deferntly must be owned by virgin media somewhere as they rufuse to support older software. Meaning more money in there pockets. Also as I am in a two contract,…
  • The phone is a HTC Desire X. Crashes whilst in browser. Internet version 4.51.562453
  • Yes it was not brilliant but you do not expect a product to make it even slower. No, no other products on phone, Fing-Secure
  • As stated in earlier post can not find code to unistall. So updating is not posible.Andriod System is ver. 4.1.1, F-Secure 8.3.13732
  • As stated have just turned V-Secure off. As not getting support from VM and most likely have to be on phone for hours trying to sort this will live with the possibility that my phone could be infected. Not happy but that's what you get for going cheap!!