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  • Thanks for your reply. I have deleted cookies and cache data and also tried different browsers and on a different device but still have the same issue i.e. reaching a screen that advises me the cost is £56 for 24 months (7 devices) with the next screen requesting credit card details. I am reluctant to enter my credit card…
  • Just tried to proceed. The next screen gives me the option to choose a 24 month term for 7 licences at a price of £56. The next screen is to provide credit card details. At no point is £6.99 mentioned and I'm concerned that if I enter my details, the full amount of £56 will be taken from my card.
  • A furthe update. As I click on Renew Now and gpo through to Checkout, it does give me an option of 7 licences for 24 months @ £56 as you suggested. However, I have almost 12 months left and it doesn't seem to take this into account.
  • Before I submitted my first message, I had a tab that enabled me to buy more licences. However, this has now dissapred and I only have a Renew Now tab (even though it is almost a yera before I need top renew). When I click on the renew now tab it gives me an option for £25 for 5 licences. There is no option to upgarde from…