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  • If restarting don't help, then try resetting F-Secure's updater by the tool "FSAUA-RESET TOOL". Download it here: When downloaded it, rightclick on it, and click on Run as administr…
  • It's not only Windows 10-computers, where F-Secure don't seem to work. Also the same on Windows 7, and it has been like this for a looong time. And it don't help to reinstall F-Secure, or reset F-secure's updater.   Just a guess: Could it simply …
  • And now, it's friday - nearly weekend - and guess what? No Capricorn-update this morning!
  • I now have version 17.6 for F-secure Safe on my Windows 7-computer. Haven't received any Oneclient-update yet for my Windows 8.1-computer...
  • No - I think, the Aquarius-update got more updates. Also in weekends.   And to have two antivirusprograms.... Is that good? (You wrote that, you have both a stable, AND a beta-version...) Two programs with Realtime-Protection.
  • Ukko wrote: "so, maybe 17.6 is not realesed fully yet"   Perhaps not, because when my computer is running all the day long, I sometimes restart it despite no restarting is required, just to ensure, programs and other is up-to-date.   …
  • And don't apologise your english! My english is also pretty bad!!    And I forgot a screenshot from the Temp-folder...   (Image) The tmp1320-3568-1554232150-1-folder is empty.
  • I have version 17.5, and Security Cloud is connected. But where do I see, if it's up to date? (Image)
  • Now, AGAIN-AGAIN!!! No updates! When do you fix it? Remember, we are paying for this. (Image)  
  • It was the first one: "Are you mentioning about accepting the solution for this thread?"   And please remember to keep the updates running also in the weekends!! Otherwice, we simply could find an AVG Free, or Avast Free! (Image)     B…
  • Did the reboot help? Or, if it's the very first time, you are using F-Secure, then it CAN also be because when the computer is just started, it will take a bit time for F-Secure to get to work. Just wait only a few seconds - then, F-Secure is up and…
  • It's working - for now. Hopes, there's also updates in the weekends... As you see in the screenshot, I now got updates again: (Image)   It only LOOKS like, I got updates also yesterday. But this was only because I tried to reset the updater by us…
  • Try uninstalling F-secure. Restart your computer. Reinstall F-secure. Restart your computer once again, after reinstalling F-secure.   It's important, you restarts the computer even it  don't ask for a restart.
  • Now, at last, there was an update for Capricorn!!!!!!!
  • I don't think, they are connected anywhere.......   I downloaded the resetting-tool, for tesetting the updater. Rightclicked on it, Clicked on Run as administrator, and in the opened commandprompt, pressed "Y" for Yes. The updater was re…
  • No! The problem is N O T fixed! See also this thread:  
  • But that is, what I have experienced, they do. And when monday comes, updatings are starting again. And the server isn't down, have just tested that on the site "isitdown" (Image)  
  • When uninstalling F-Secure, the computer don't ask for a restart. Do it anyway, so you are sure, Windows Defender is running correctly.
  • From Aquarius to Capricorn, that was the time when it went wrong, as I wrote earlier... Before, there allways was updates on weekends, when F-Secure was using Aquarius-updates. Now, with Capricorn, no updates in weekends.
  • And doing the usual things: Resetting F-Secure's update: Don't help. Reinstalling F-Secure: Don't help.   So.... The "F" means: FIX-Secure!!
  • "What is going on there?" Or rather what's NOT going on here?    This hat been a problem since they changed from Aquarius to Capricorn: No updates in weekends, and every other days, fewer. Perhaps, we simply should stop paying, and only…
  • Uninstall it Restart your computer Login to My F-Secure, download and install it again When updated, restart your computer once again   F-Secure should now be up and running fine.   It's important to restart the computer after uninstalling. T…