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  • I also have similar problem. DNS issue went away with newest firmware, but I lose Internet constantly. My setup is as follows: 4G Huawei B525 -> <- Ethernet -> <-Generic switch -> <- Ethernet -> <- F-Secure SENSE -> <- 5GHz WLAN -> <- End devices When I lose the connection, first I tried to ping Huawei's IP address: PING…
  • Thank you Simo for taking an interest in this. Definitely looking forward to get the next update!
  • Sure, I get it. But the thing is, as you said, this could be figured out in a matter of hours if put some effort to it. But I literally have no interest nor energy to put my time to this. I'm working as a systems specialist/administrator, so I have to investigate these things at work anyway. I do not want to do that when I…
  • Any update? I find myself bypassing the whole SENSE every day, as it is unusable.
  • At least for me, I don't think it is related to ARP. It is happening with all my devices: laptops, phones, tablets etc. If I change the DNS server setting from using DHCP to static, let's say Google's, everything starts to work immediately.
  • I can confirm that this is the case. SENSE does not always forward DNS replies. Happened three times today.
  • I can confirm this. Same setup, Freedome version 1.10.3502.0 Every time I open the lid, WiFi connected and Freedome seems fine, but no connection. The second I disconnect Freedome, everything is fine again.
  • Thanks for listening and fixing this! CMD + TAB is working again :)
  • I just have to comment on this again. Would you please make KEY to work like a normal OS X application? It is really painful to use in it's current form, UX is horrible! The state of OS X app is really sad compared to iOS version, which you have pretty much nailed. The only thing I'm missing is KeePass like auto-fill…
  • It is unusable for me, has been for about one year when I bought the license. The VPN tunnel just dies away at some point and won't start working again without turning Freedome off and back on again. I have been in contact with F-Secure customer support about this at least a couple of times, and they say that there is…
  • So I received a new version for Windows and OSX. No idea if you fixed the synchronization problem, because for some reason you don't release a changelog! (Can you explain to me, why?) I'm now having 792 entries in my KEY, about 750 of those are duplicates. No way to select all the duplicates and delete them, and I am not…
  • I have currently around 100 duplicate Facebook entries in my KEY. The synchronization is seriously broken! In the next version, you should also add a feature to delete multiple items easily...