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  • Hi @Sethu , Thank you for a very detailed and good reply on my question. I like the concept of the scan, what it gives me and what actions you recommend! Lets take the Adobe October 2016 as an example. My account might have been exposed, and at that time, I did not use a password manager, but today, I´m using a loooooooong…
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  • I did set ip up yesterday, and this is the screenshot from after 12 hour use. I do have * 3 RaspBerry * 1 Synology NAS * 2 iPhone * 2 iPad * 2 Mac * 1 Windows 10 desktop * 1 Verisure Alarm * 1 Xbox * 1 Apple TV * 1 Samsung "Smarttv" * 1 Canon printer But 50k dns lookups in 12 hours?!? **bleep**... This is data that I want…
  • @FS_Simo Just wanted to share what I did not the other 3 times I did a factory reset, and this time it have been working for weeks now, and I did the other thing, that was to remove the app, and answer yes to remove cloud data. I did clear the app as well before removing it.
  • +DNS list of what host does request +My own block list, I can whitelist but not block domain(s)
  • @FS_Simo wrote: a new iOS app has been released to production that should further address the scenario where all connectivity between the app and sense is permanently lost. We have not been able to reproduce the issue, but we have added more checks to protect the keys in the iOS keychain as well as more logging to debug…
  • @FormerMember wrote: It noticies you that you can maximize the protection of the machine by installing the sense app on it. The router alone does not protect all levels. But the Sense software is already installed on this Windows computer.... (as I wrote in the subject . ) Its a running Windows 10 with software…
  • Thank you for the feedback. Why not just add the sync from F-Secure Key into this environment? If you can store all my password in cloud safe ,you should also be capable to do so with my router configuration, or I'm I wrong?
  • @FS_Simo wrote: If we can find a way to reproduce this then of course it helps us towards making a proper fix. Well that is easy, just ask me to use it Joke aside, I will do another reset of Sense and app tomorrow, it should be back with the issue within 24 hours like last time, so on Friday we will see.
  • @FS_Simo wrote: SENSE doesn't "remove" devices, the app only filters / organizes what it shows on the devices screen based on the timestamp attribute. We are speculating there's some issue in storing or reading the encryption password from the phone keychain. Because the system worked for a while at least it went there in…
  • @FS_Simo wrote: Correct, this is the "password" which is generated during setup that is used to decrypt the traffic between the phone and the router. If the Sense removes given devices if they been offline for a while from the device list, would this also then remove the master phone it self? So, new reset once a day to…
  • @FS_Simo wrote: A quick look at those app logs shows that the connection credentials are once again empty, which is supposed to be the exact problem we fixed, but seems like we have still missed some scenario or critical code path. We'll take yet another look at our code and try to figure out how we end up in this flow. We…
  • @FS_Simo wrote: Thanks, that version indeed should be the latest one. Can you please use the "send feedback" feature in the iOS app, it will send us app logs and we'll take a look with the iOS dev lead to figure out if there's something we can see / we have missed. You can add a note about this discussion there so we know…
  • @FS_Simo wrote: Please verify your iOS app version from the about menu, let's doublecheck it's really the fixed one. Sure thing, No updates in App Store
  • @FS_Simo wrote: Thanks for providing us with more information Can you check the last seen timestamp values of those devices that appear 'offline' and let me know how far they are from reality? SENSE continues to protect those devices even if they appear as 'offline' even if that state is erroneous, the user effect is a…
  • @FS_Simo wrote: The next version of the android app should address the device disappearance problem. We'll make some improvements to the time-handling of the router in a firmware update. Will this also help for the iPhone? See last post on page 5 
  • Hi.... Well this worked for almost 24 hours, but the same issue is back. Only my phone is listed as connected device, and the other 16 is not connected. Even tho they have wifi or lan. I have internet access on my NAS and iPad. I did remove data from app and did a factory reset yesterday. What's next?
  • @Laksh Hi, first of all, thank you for the feedback on what did happen! I´m glad to see that you did take time to look into it! + 1 for F-Secure from me on that part! (I have been a true follower since I got F-Secure in my hands first time when I got Bachelor's degree back in 2006, and have also brought your products into…
  • I will do a reset today and report back. And to others, create a screenshot of your settings, i.e. open ports etc as they also need to be edited once more. I forgot to take screenshot last time i did a factory reset.
  • Thank you Ukku! Lets hope its a machine that did it and not a human that removed it A company's reply to bad review can also be looked as good review.
  • Where did my post go? I asked a question, and was not happy with the product, and you deleted my post?? @D-Fens2, you have seen my post, please verify that it was there. This was the message url...
  • The bug is back for me. And I did do a factory reset if you go back a page in this thread. Edit 1 : reboot of router and phone did not help. Nothing in connected devices and nothing in event logs. So I don't know what it does, but I must say that I still feel like a beta tester for this product. Please, just make the box…
  • I would like to remove a device from the device list. (If I had a visitor, or something, remove the device from the "not connected list")
  • Sure I can. My Apple TV name is: SMØLA (Place in Norway) Device list name in Sense is : SMLA... My iPhone finds it as SMØLA. Is it a apple bug or Sense?
  • Hi, My mobile get the time from the operator, so it was not the case. Tested soft reset two times, but the app lost the connection with the Sense after entering wifi name. Ended up with a factory reset... Forgot to take a screenshot of the port forwarding setup... At least the device list is up to date. BTW, the list…
  • Should I reset the router to get it back? Reboot doesn't help. And I cannot i.e. control if a device should have internet access or not...
  • Hi @fs_Simo I will send logs and screenshots from the app when I get home today. It worked yesterday before the iOS 11 update, but not after, so something with the update made the device list go "booof away" Before, when I had this issue, it listed at least the phone as connected device, not it says 0 on both parts.…
  • Thx, as the "family" IT support guy, I also got this on my "hands" today, so please help me, helping my mother and my girlfriend
  • Resting a device just due to new OS version is not an option. It should work by default. This doesn't make Sense to me... F-Secure-SENSE, any update?
  • I have also the same issue. Upgrade to ios 11 today, and no devices. It does log unwanted urls, but I want the device list back.