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  • Hello, Yes it's asking it but it shouldn't be mandatory information. If you have no sim-card I would recommend you to put your email there so In case you will use anti-theft and forget your security code it's possible throught email. If F-secure is somewhy asking phone number and not letting you go forward then I would…
  • In this case could you please send support request with fsdiag so we can see what causes the issue. It might be some conflicting software on your computer or some setting needs to be changes so in this case it's best to get fsdiag.
  • If your PC at your summer cottage is just turned off it will still take license in use next time you turn it on if there is any free spot on your license. If your all licenses are in use already on some other devices then it's not possible to that computer take the license again in use.
  • Hello, I'm Sorry to hear. There is differences between corporate and home user products but still both should protect computer same way. In case if the instruction you got didn't help it's important to reply to email so our support can help you to take for example fsdiag from your computer or invite you to our chat and try…
    in Now what? Comment by JoniW November 2014
  • Hi FrankM, Can you tell your case id ? I can check this with support and get back to you. Best regards, Joni
  • Hi koole, Can you please open support request from ? So you can solve this issue with our support.
  • Hello, Trovigo and other that kind of add-ons and software are ranked as "unwanted" softwares. Those are not real viruses so F-secure can't remove those in normal virus scan. In new version of Internet security 2014 there is tool called clean up tool so you can try to remove it with clean up tool. Clean up tool is under…
  • Hi superfly75, Parental control can be only used with safe browser. You can not use parental control with another browser.
  • Hi YT, Do you have case id about your contact to our support ? I can check this with case id.
  • Please check this;