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  • Thanks, it worked and I'm able to activate Freedome again on my other devices. I'd suggest this release license feature would be under some setting menu so it would not be so impossible to find. As a note for others: You can uninstall Freedome by simply deleting the Freedome app from the Applications folder. There's no…
  • 1. Currently Freedome works only on my 2 computers. 2. I have a license for 5 devices.
  • If I've understood it correctly, this kind of a kill-switch feature has been hard to implement on Mac, or requires some sort of hacking as the software need to be able to block all communications from the device. Just saying, hopefully someone can tell how it is nowadays.
  • Hi Ben, I understood the link you provided me with was for the iOS client. My iOS device didn't have Freedome connection switched on though, only my Mac. I created files on my computer (while on VPN) and they didn't upload to iCloud Drive until I disconnected the VPN. I just used my iPhone to check if the sync was ready.…
  • Same here. Today I noticed the latest version of KEY is constantly using 3-8% of CPU time, even if I have no browser windows open. While my computer is on idle, it's the number one CPU process on Task Manager (Win 8.1).
  • Hi, thanks for the answer although I had to search it quite some time. Maybe you should update the post for up-to-date information or include the answer in FAQ section. Some VPN providers allow users to set up the VPN connection manually in cases where app install is not possible. For e.g. my employer does not allow the…
  • Great news and thanks for the reply. As I'm probably not the only Mac user out there browsing for different VPN solutions, you could maybe state "Mac OS X coming 2015" in the system requirements... instead of just being totally silent about the OS X support.